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Did you know that 60% of professional AC installations fail? By fail, that means that the end result isn’t going to achieve the intended result. If you are paying a professional to do the job, by all means, it should be done correctly.

At Air McCall, we value customer service and a long-lasting positive service result. Therefore, all our inquiring customers receive a FREE Expert Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Consultation service. In fact, we’re throwing in a detailed installation proposal FREE of charge.

90% of failed AC installations lead to large end-user expenses on utilities and bills. Therefore, you’re being proactive by using Air McCall’s superior AC installation services.

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Air McCall: The Go-To AC Installers in Lake Shore

Wise Lake Shore residents and property owners only call Air McCall for superior AC installation services. As a top-notch AC distribution and servicing company, we prioritize client satisfaction and long-term solutions above anything else.

Air McCall’s teams of technicians work with accuracy and precision. Their long-term professional experience guarantees excellent customer service to the dot.

As professionals, we recognize all AC installations as unique in every way. Therefore, we do not treat all AC situations in the same way. We create fresh solutions to make sure all AC installations are made for the long term.

All our AC technicians are NATE-certified. We are extremely finicky about who we hire, as we know that the service you get makes a lasting impression. Important?

After reading this, you might think we’re making a big deal out of AC installations.

Many AC problems after installation arise from improper unit handling and installing. One simple example is an installation-caused refrigerant leak. If this happens, then your unit consumes high electricity when it tries to cool the room.

Another example is poor unit “sizing”. If the important factors are not weighed in when choosing the correct size of AC unit, it will become overworked quickly – causing component stress and reducing the lifespan of the unit.

AC system installation is simply not at DIY project, unless you have all the training necessary to do it properly. And, by having a certified technician do the install, your warranty is covered.

Award-Winning AC Distribution and Installation Company

Air McCall is a Five-Time President’s Award winner for excellent customer service and AC installations

As a renowned Carrier Factor-Authorized Dealer, we provide only the best Carrier AC units on the market.

Part of our roster are the following: Carrier’s Infinity Series including its well-known heat pump, and their residential-focused AC series Performance and Comfort.

Products We Distribute and Service

Infinity Series

These high-powered AC units have a feature that optimizes power use while maximizing cooling capabilities. The Infinity Series comes equipped with Carrier’s proprietary Greenspeed Intelligence technology.

This optimization tool functions automatically with thresholds for both AC power usage and room temperature. Then, it analyzes all information to maximize cooling while minimizing utility bills.

Furthermore, its two-stage compression feature allows Greenspeed Intelligence to reach target cooling temperatures accurately. It is for this reason it won Consumers Digest’s Best Buy award.

Infinity Series Heat Pump

The counterpart of the Infinity Series cooling units, the Heat Pump uses Greenspeed Intelligence and two-stage compression to deliver efficient heating for any room.

Similar to its cooling counterparts, it consumes enough energy to heat a room. With two-stage compression and low-power operation, it minimizes utilities while delivering excellent results.

Its excellent operational capabilities helped it win Energy Star’s Most Efficient appliance award in 2019.

Performance and Comfort

These home-use AC units have a wide variety of ultra-quiet models that guarantee efficient cooling capacity with minimal energy footprint. Carrier’s Performance and Comfort AC units guarantee excellent performance from its window, split-type, and inverter types, as well.

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We recognize that an AC installation is a financial hardship, in many cases . So, we’ve partnered with Wells Fargo, GE, and Synchrony to help finance your appliance and installation services.

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