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It can seem to be a bit much to use a professional AC servicing company to perform your AC installation, if you have a little bit of mechanical or technical ability.  After all, anyone can follow the manufacturer’s AC installation guide and achieve optimum results, right? Unfortunately, that’s not all that is necessary when it comes to proper installation of air conditioners.

Our trade research shows that 60% of professional AC installations are actual failures. Unfortunately, homeowners don’t generally discover this within the first three months or so. Our data shows that 90% of these failed installations result to higher energy bills due to a damaged and exhausted AC unit.

Air McCall’s response to this problem is simple. We’ve made our Expert Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Consultation FREE of charge for all our new and repeat customers. In doing so, we prevent problematic AC installations that skyrocket utility bills quickly.

Only Precision and Life-Preserving AC Installations

Air McCall’s Top Quality Technicians and Staff

Air McCall has been servicing Intercoastal West and the surrounding areas for any AC needs for decades. We make sure our customers get only the best service possible.

All our technicians are chosen carefully and background checked, as well. It’s important for us to know who we have representing our company, who we allow into your home.

 Each of our technicians are NATE-certified. Therefore, they’re guaranteed to give you the best service possible.

With their excellent experience and knowledge, you willget only the best AC services from Air McCall’s technicians.

Why Do You Need Top-Notch AC Installations?

Having AC installations with NATE-certified technicians will guarantee your AC installation. Your warranties will be honored.

It’s important that the AC unit installed is the correct size. An over-sized unit will definitely cool, but…..there are issues that you are not seeing.

Unfortunately, the AC is too overpowered. Indeed, it cools the room down quickly. However, the quick on and off by its cooling unit will cause huge AC component stress. Consistent component stress will lead to the reduced lifespan and performance of your AC.

Another example: The unit becomes damaged during transport to your home, and their is a tiny leak in the refrigerant. A professional will notice this and take action to get you a new unit – or have this one repaired to spec before installation.

By using Air McCall you can trust you are in the hands of the experts every step of the way. It’s rare that our technicians would overlook something obvious.

What Sets Air McCall Apart From The Competition?

Air McCall is an AC installation and service company that has won Carrrier’s President’s Award five times for excellent performance and customer service. As a Carrier Factory-Authorized Company, we only distribute the best Carrier AC lines in the market.

We trust Carrier as our partner because they reflect the same core values as our company. Carrier provides only excellent products to their customers. As an AC servicing company, we feel honored to sell, install, and service a product that delivers quality.

Carrier Products We Distribute and Service

Infinity Series

Carrier’s Infinity Series ACs have won the Consumers Digest Best Buy award because of its Greenspeed Intelligence technology. This optimization software allows it to use scanners to analyze the room and coil temperature with pin accuracy.

In doing so, it maximizes the AC’s cooling capability while minimizing its power consumption. Energy Star had noted its excellent 20 SEER reach. Years after its initial release, Infinity Series ACs still sell widely across the country including our own shop.

Infinity Series Heat Pump

The counterpart of Infinity Series ACs also uses the same Greenspeed Intelligence technology to optimize its power consumption and maximize a room’s heating capability. The optimization software sets its scan to the warmth of the room and the energy required to reach the ideal warmth for a room.

Energy Star has awarded it Most Efficient in 2019 because of its high SEER rating at 15.

Performance and Comfort

Carrier’s Performance and Comfort is a residential-oriented AC series. However, homeowners have a variety of AC units to choose from. Performance and Comfort offers window, split, and inverter-type units that guarantee sleepful, cool nights with optimized energy consumption and excellent cooling.

Call Air McCall Today for All Your Professional AC Installation Needs

Air McCall is a professional, family-owned AC installation and distribution company. Aside from installing your units, we can service them directly. Therefore, your warranties have an extremely short turn-around time because our technicians will service them personally within minutes you send them to us.

We service Intercoastal West and surrounding areas. We offer financial assistance through Wells Fargo, GE, and Synchrony for customers need financing.  Call us today at 904-274-5714!