San Marco’s properties deserve only the best. At Air McCall, our goal is to supply the best customer service possible for all our customers.

As part of the endeavor, we do joint industry researches. Our latest data uncovered a huge problem: 60% of professional AC installations fail to reduce a customer’s utility bills. In fact, even power-saving AC units increase their power usage in 90% of poor-installation cases.

Our further studies revealed the solution: provide excellent inspections and AC evaluations before rendering service. We decided to provide all our clients FREE of charge, an Expert Air Condition System Evaluation and Inspection.

In doing so, our technicians raised their AC installation accuracy by 99.9%. With no risk of errors, we guarantee your AC unit’s improved lifespan, capability, and consistent environmental cooling.

Get The Best AC Installations In The Shortest Time Possible

Top-Quality AC Technicians At Your Service

Air McCall is as consistent as our customer’s need for excellent AC services. Our employees are excellent veteran technicians with in-depth experience in AC installations and other HVAC services.

These technicians undergo yearly physical and mental check-ups, evaluations, and other qualification examinations that give them consistent performance. In doing so, we supply them with necessary health insurances and bonds. Furthermore, it enhances their professional performance on the job guaranteeing the safety of both themselves and our clients.

All our technicians are NATE-certified. With these qualifications, they guarantee only careful, accurate, and knowledgeable installations for all properties.

Why Do You Need an Excellent AC Installation?

Most people with a manufacturer’s installation manual can install any AC unit by DIY. However, to-the-dot instructions aren’t enough to guarantee an AC unit’s consistent performance and prolonged lifespan.

Most customers prefer a high-powered AC unit. Many people don’t understand that bigger isn’t necessarily “better” or necessary. While these larger units reach peak cooling quickly, it also means consistent shutdowns because the unit has met the cooling needs. Then, they have to frequently start up again, which is called cycling. This cause s component stress that shortens the AC unit’s lifespan and durability.

Another example is an adequately-powered AC unit not working correctly. Without considering the operating area’s insulation, the AC unit uses up more power to cool a room. In turn, it increases utility bills and reduces AC unit lifespan in the process.

Our technicians consider the AC unit’s operating area and suggest improvements to maximize the AC’s capability. Furthermore, they will listen to your concerns and create compromised,  but effective plans.

Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer and Five-Time President’s Award Winner

Air McCall is a Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer. Furthermore, we are a Five-Time President’s Award winner for excellent customer service.

We recognize Carrier as our top partner because their brand value reflects our own in delivering excellent customer service.

In turn, we provide these high-quality solutions for all your room air conditioning needs.

Our Carrier Selections:

Infinity Series

Carrier’s Infinity Series ACs are its most advanced line. With Greenspeed Intelligence technology, it utilizes efficient power consumption while maximizing AC cooling performance. In turn, it saves property owners about 30% of their regular utility bills.

Furthermore, the Infinity Series achieves excellent AC cooling through its two-stage compression feature. It can reach peak cooling in less than a minute and minimize its carbon footprint in the process.

These excellent features won the Infinity Series Consumer Digest’s Best Buy and accolades from Energy Star.

Infinity Series Heat Pump

The Infinity Series Heat Pump uses the same Greenspeed Intelligence technology to manage power consumption and ensure consistently efficient performance throughout its usage. In turn, it prolongs its lifespan more than other heaters in the market.

Furthermore, Heat Pump owners enjoy huge savings from utility bills in the process. For this reason, Energy Star awarded it as the Most Efficient appliance in 2019.

Performance and Comfort

This residential-oriented AC series guarantees excellent performance and durability without huge energy consumption. In addition, property owners enjoy a wide variety of AC units, including window, split, and inverter-type. Rest assured you will find the precision AC solution your property needs from Carrier’s Performance and Comfort series.

Trust Air McCall for All Your AC Installation Needs

Air McCall provides excellent AC installations. In turn, our customers return to us for the precision services we provide.

Furthermore, we honor all warranties included with the product. We are a licensed Carrier dealership that can handle AC troubleshooting and repairs for all the AC units we distribute. If your unit malfunctions within the warranty period, we will recognize the warranty.

Air McCall also recognizes AC units and services as huge financial commitments. We provide financing services from Wells Fargo, GE, and Synchrony. We have your back when it comes to quality AC installation and repair services.

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