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Are you in need of an AC installation in Middleburg? AC installations are something that most folks with some mechanical experience can do “by the book”. In fact, the manufacturer’s manual details how to install units with ease. Unfortunately, it takes more than just following instructions to install an AC unit correctly – and to do the preliminary work to choose the correct sized unit.

Even many “professional” AC installations fail. Our research reveals that approximately 90% of these installations fail to minimize the utility costs and maximize the power-saving features of AC units.

In turn, property owners pay more each month for a poorly-installed AC unit. Even if it was installed correctly, if it is the wrong sized unit for your property – it’s still a “failed” install.

At Air McCall, we prioritize our customer’s satisfaction and the long-term lifespan of their AC unit. To prove this to you, we provide a free-of-charge Expert AC System Consultation and Inspection. We can tell you what you need and if you hire us to do the job, you will have the best AC installation team in Middleburg doing the job!

Greatly-Trusted AC Installers in Middleburg

Homeowners in Middleburg Should Choose Air McCall

Air McCall is Middleburg’s long-time AC installation and distribution company. We are a fully insured and bonded company with guaranteed complete installation services. We meet all requirements to provide HVAC services in the area.

All our technicians undergo health checks. We make sure they have all the certifications required to do the work that we require, and that they have the work ethic we demand.

Our technicians are also NATE-certified. Therefore, they only operate considering carefulness, knowledge, and tried-and-tested approaches to installing air-conditioning units. In addition, they undergo optimized installation training from the AC manufacturers themselves, which guarantees full accuracy for all AC installations.

Why Do You Need an Excellent AC Installation?

As we mentioned, there’s more to just following the AC manufacturer’s installation instructions. In fact, there are a dozen factors that affect your future AC’s performance.

The fact is, evaluating what size unit is needed for maximum efficiency is part of an excellent installation. The actual “install” itself requires expertise, but doing the homework beforehand is vital.

An AC unit that is too small or too large increases component stress as the AC unit is not being able to work as designed. This wears them out quickly.

There are situations where a failure to perform the installation will void the warranty on the unit purchased. Is it worth the risk?

Essentially, an incorrect AC installation will damage unit parts and affect its overall cooling capacity. In fact, it can mean revisions and unnecessary tear-downs, which will cost customers time and money.

Air McCall: A Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer

Air McCall is a Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer and a Five-Time President’s Award Winner for excellent customer service. We only supply the best AC units from Carrier.

Carrier reflects our values as a company. They aim only to provide top-quality AC units with the best possible capabilities and features. As a company, we are honored and happy to work with Carrier in providing top-quality services for clients.

Carrier AC Products We Sell

Infinity Series

Carrier’s Infinity Series is one of their best sellers. While Consumers Digest’s Best Buy Award played a role in increasing its sales, the AC’s performance is impeccable.

Infinity Series AC units use Carrier’s proprietary Greenspeed Intelligence to optimize its power consumption. Combined with its two-stage compression technology, the AC unit achieves unparalleled maximized performance without consuming more energy in the process.

For most residential and corporate properties, Infinity Series ACs are truly popular choices.

Infinity Series Heat Pump

Infinity Series ACs have their heater counterparts. The Heat Pump also utilizes Carrier’s proprietary Greenspeed Intelligence technology to optimize its power consumption without sacrificing the heat pump’s performance.

Furthermore, the feature prolongs the AC unit’s lifespan and durability. In this light, Energy Star has awarded it the Most Efficient recognition in 2019. It is one of our best-selling heating units.

Performance and Comfort

Carrier’s home-oriented Performance and Comfort series is a must have for all property owners. It optimizes AC cooling technology and maximizes the appliance’s performance at the same time.

In addition, it has a variety of units. Whether you need a window, split, or inverter-type AC unit, you’ll find the pin-precise AC unit that works for your property.

Only Air McCall Can Give You The AC Installation You Deserve

At Air McCall, you’re in good hands. If you have yet to find an excellent AC installation contractor, work with a company who stands behind their work, guarantees 99.9% accurate AC installations, and distributes only top-quality AC units – we are the company to call.

If you use our service, we guarantee you’ll have an AC unit that has a long lifespan, consistent performance, and cools your room as you intended it to do so.

Call us today at: 904-274-5714 for your AC Installation or Service in Middleburg!