Top Quality AC Installation Services Murray Hill

Every Murray Hill property deserves a top quality AC installation. Cutting corners generally only causes performance issues for a new AC unit, and shortening the life-span of the new unit quickly.

Realistically, unless someone has a lot of knowledge in the HVAC industry, they shouldn’t DIY this project. Professionals identify environmental factors that affect the AC’s operational performance.

Unfortunately, even many professionals fail to do this properly. About 60% of professional AC installations are below standard. In turn, 90% of these projects end up with customers having high utility consumption costs and a poorly performing AC unit.

Air McCall stands for quality customer service. We provide an Expert Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Inspection FREE of charge for all potential and existing customers.  We want each property owner to know exactly what they need before they make any decisions that could have a negative impact financially.

The Best AC Servicing and Installation Company

All Murray Hill Properties Trust Air McCall for Their AC Installation Needs

Air McCall provides free AC inspections for Murray Hill properties and the surrounding areas. In doing a free inspection, we identify the installation environment’s problem-prone areas. As a result, we achieve an excellent precision installation that guarantees the AC unit’s lengthened lifespan.

Each technician at Air McCall has been chosen carefully. We do background checks and also make sure that each AC tech hast the training and work ethic we expect before they can even be a part of our company.

In addition, all our technicians are NATE-certified. They are careful, accurate, and knowledgeable about AC installations and service. As a result, we satisfy each and every customer that we work with from residential to business and industrial installations.

Why Do You Need Proper AC Installation?

Most people (with some mechanical ability) can somewhat successfully install AC units by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee the AC’s performance by just completing an installation by the book.

AC technicians consider different factors when installing units. There are many different variables that combine to determine the exact size unit that is needed to efficiently cool the property.  If all of this isn’t configured correctly, you’re left with an AC unit with reduced lifespan, performance, and high utility bills.

Furthermore, using an overpowered AC will only raise utilities and repair costs too. Your room will reach optimal cooling temperatures fairly quickly. However, the consistent cooling unit’s power on and off cycle will increase component stress. As a result, this leads to increased power consumption and reduced AC lifespan and performance.

Our technicians will guide you through all of the aspects that affect your AC’s durability and performance. However, we recognize that installing a new AC unit is a financial commitment. So, we provide financial aid courtesy of Wells Fargo, GE, and Synchrony.  We can lead you through the process, every step of the way.

Air McCall: A Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer

Air McCall also partners with Carrier to provide high-quality AC units. Furthermore, we are a Five-Time President’s Award winner for our excellent customer service and overall AC servicing and installation.

Our trust with Carrier products come from sharing their similar goals of customer satisfaction and optimization. Here are some of the Carrier AC units we service and install.

AC Units We Distribute, Install, and Service

Infinity Series

Carrier’s Infinity Series came from years of research and development. This resulted to the Greenspeed Intelligence feature and two-stage compression system.

Both components’ goal is to provide maximized AC performance and capability without consuming excess power in the process. As a result, the power optimization leads to improved AC capability, lengthened lifespan, and impeccable performance.

The Infinity Series is well-loved across residential, corporate, and even industrial properties. It is a must have if you need an AC unit that goes above and beyond to cool and save energy in the process.

Infinity Series Heat Pump

The counterpart of Infinity Series AC unit, the Heat Pump, is one of Carrier’s excellent heating appliances. Come winter, your property is well-equipped to handle anything without increasing your utility bills.

Featuring the spotless performance of the Series’ Greenspeed Intelligence technology, the Infinity Series Heat Pump provides excellent heating capacities while managing component stress and power consumption at the same time.

This juggling capability has won the Infinity Series Heat Pump Energy Star’s Most Efficient Award in 2019. Murray Hill properties should not be without one!

Performance and Comfort

Households in Murray Hill should find Performance and Comfort just enough for the budget with quality maximized AC performance. It features different AC varieties from window, split, to inverter types.

The style choices option makes it one of our best-selling Carrier AC units. Its ultra-quiet operation and reduced power consumption makes adds to its fame among homeowners.

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Murray Hill and its surrounding areas only deserve the best AC installation services. If you’re looking for one, look no further than Air McCall.

From providing you the best-quality AC unit up to installation and regular maintenance, Air McCall is always there for you. By using our services, you extend the lifespan, durability, performance, and cooling of your AC.

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