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Some people might question whether or not  you really need pros to install your AC unit. After all, a manufacturer does provide an AC Installation manual.  But, if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, your utility bills still won’t go down and it’s possible that your new AC unit will begin to deteriorate faster than it’s supposed to.

It’s not the AC unit being functionally faulty. It’s because your AC installation requires a good setup to function at its most efficient level.

Air McCall provides all our customers with an Expert Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Consultation FREE of charge. This allows our technicians to install AC units with maximum accuracy.

Did you know that 60% of professional AC installations are faulty? In fact, 90% of these cases lead to high end-user utility bills.

Trust us, it’s more than just the wiring and fitting your AC unit in place. Having worked for decades in this industry, Air McCall’s technicians know the methods to maximize your AC installation.

Get Your AC Installed With 100% Accuracy

Why Trust Air McCall’s AC Technicians and Specialists?

Air McCall is Northside’s finest AC installation and servicing company. For almost 30 years, we have been servicing homes in Northside and the surrounding areas.

Furthermore, all our technicians undergo NATE-certifications and re-certifications regularly. They undertake comprehensive background checks to ensure their professional, physical, and mental fitness qualifies them for company bonds and insurance policies.

All of our clients get excellent, top-quality service from our well-trained and top-performance technicians. They will work accurately, carefully, and use their extensive knowledge to ensure your AC installation goes smoothly.

Why Does a Professional AC Installation Matter?

Most people with a little technical and mechanical ability can follow a manual. Yet, there is so much more to an AC installation than what is provided by the manufacturer.

There are many variables that must be taken into account to determine the exact and correct sized AC unit that a property requires. The square footage and the amount of windows or drafty areas, as well as factoring in heat sources are essential parts of the equation.

If the unit purchased is too large or too small, the AC unit will be compromised due to over-work. This negates any of the benefits of having a new AC installed. Utility bills don’t go down, sometimes they go up, and the working parts of the AC unit are already being put through too much stress.

Therefore, having technicians with professional knowledge performing AC installation guarantees you will have a long-term AC with top performance.

Northside’s Most-Trusted AC Installation Company

Air McCall is Northside’s finest AC installation company. We are a Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer who is a Five-Time President’s Award winner for excellent customer service and performance.

We take care of our customers. Our passion for excellent customer service from evaluation to guiding you through the installation process is part of our dedication for the best AC installation services possible.

As Carrier’s official distributors, we supply the following AC units for our clients.

Carrier Units

Infinity Series

The Infinity Series made noise after Consumers Digest awarded it with a Best Buy recognition! However, the unit itself does not make noise during operation — in fact it is very quiet.

Using groundbreaking Greenspeed Intelligence technology, the AC unit delivers excellent cooling capabilities without overspending power. Its advanced sensors and optimization systems delivers long-term AC lifespan, consistent capability, and lower utility bills.

Many property owners invest in the Infinity Series because of its functionality and accurate and effective cooling capability.

Infinity Series Heat Pump

As technically capable as its cooling variants, the Infinity Series Heat Pump also uses Greenspeed Intelligence technology to deliver maximized heating capacities without over-consuming energy. In turn, it delivers effective heating capacities perfect for any cold weather.

The heating capacity of the Infinity Series Heat Pump helped it win Energy Star’s Most Efficient appliance award in 2019. All Northside property owners would benefit from the Infinity Series Heat Pump.

Performance and Comfort

Residentially-oriented, Carrier’s Performance and Comfort line is all about power savings with effective cooling capacities. Furthermore, it offers a few different choices to suit any cooling situation possible. Whether you need a window, split, or inverter-type AC, Carrier’s Performance and Comfort line has an AC built just for you.

Get Air McCall To Provide You Only The Best AC Installation Possible

Air McCall strives to provide excellent AC installation services. Look no further!

In addition, you have access to excellent Wells Fargo, GE, and Synchrony financing. We understand the expenses involved in purchasing an AC and having an installation.

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