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Air McCall is the most trusted AC installation company in Oakleaf.  There are no financial surprises when you use our company.

At Air McCall, we provide all our customers a FREE Expert Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Consultation. Furthermore, all our inquiring clients will receive a detailed installation proposal inclusive of all fees.

In the previous years, we discovered that most AC installation companies failed to install their customers’ AC units effectively. In turn, 90% of these cases resulted to higher customer utility bills accompanying AC over-usage.

Most customers think AC installations are not complex. In fact, following the manufacturer’s manual should make the AC work properly, right? Unfortunately, several other factors during installation affect the overall performance and power consumption of your AC unit.

Therefore, Oakleaf properties in need of excellent AC installation should look only to Air McCall’s dedicated AC installation services.

A Company You Can Trust With Everything Air Conditioning

Air McCall’s Dedication to Excellent AC Services

Air McCall is a fully insured and bonded company with years of experience installing and servicing Air-Conditioning units across Oakleaf and the surrounding areas. We work with reputable companies to obtain our equipment and our technicians are fully trained on installation and service on all the equipment we use.

In addition, they undergo regular re-certification and equipment seminars to make sure their skills and knowledge get updated in addition to their veteran knowledge. All our technicians are NATE-certified, which guarantees their approach to all AC installations and services come with care, knowledge, and in-depth experience.

Installations and Their Role In Improving Your AC Performance

True enough, anybody can do AC installations. They’ll just need to follow the manual’s instructions, and they’re all set. The AC will function properly by following the instructions. That’s what people think. It’s not true. It will not guarantee optimal operation at any rate.

Several factors affect AC performance such as insulation. AC units with adequate cooling power to small room temperatures within minutes, can take longer because of poor insulation. The AC unit will reach the ideal temperature but only due to double effort and power consumption.

On the other hand, an AC unit that is too large for the square footage of the room is a problem,  also. They will frequently turn off and on (called cycling). As a result, the AC suffers heavy component stress. This will shorten the lifespan and consistent performance of the AC unit.

Air McCall’s technicians understand the importance of determining the correct sized AC unit needed for the square footage of the property, factoring in the many variables that are unique to each home or business.

What Sets Us Apart From Other AC Contractors and Distributors?

Air McCall is an HVAC specialty company. We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and Five-Time Presidents Award winner for excellent partner performance and customer service.

Like Carrier, we only strive to deliver excellent AC installation and services for our customers. The AC manufacturer reflects our business’ values and objectives. It only made sense to become partners with one of the country’s top AC manufacturers.

Carrier Series We Supply and Service

Infinity Series

Carrier’s Infinity Series has won several accolades. The most notable of them are Consumers Digest Best Buy award and Energy Star’s 20 SEER recognition. The remarkable AC series achieves this through its proprietary Greenspeed Intelligence technology.

This built-in AC software allows the unit to identify temperature levels and calculate the amount of power required to achieve the target room temperature.

Coupled with its two-stage compression feature, the AC reaches target temperatures without using more than the allocated energy. In turn, customers save more money using the Infinity Series AC units.

Infinity Series Heat Pump

The heating counterpart of the Infinity Series AC units have excellent temperature control thanks to its own Greenspeed Intelligence software. With the same software managing temperature and energy calculations, the heater achieves huge power consumption savings while delivering outstanding heating. Energy Star gave it the Most Efficient recognition in 2019.

The Infinity Series Heat Pump is one of the best-selling heaters of Carrier. We receive orders from many of our residential and corporate clients.

Performance and Comfort

Carrier’s residential-oriented AC units offer a wide variety of units ranging from window, split, and inverter units. With this inventory on hand, any customer will find the perfect AC suitable for all their needs.

The Performance and Comfort series has its own proprietary software that manages power consumption without sacrificing performance. In addition, it is ultra-quiet in operation emitting only a small hum that is below -58 db

Get The Best AC Installation With Improved Cooling Performance!

Air McCall is a company concerned about your AC installation. With excellent installations come long-lasting and optimal-performing AC units that consistently cool the way they are designed to.

After an Air McCall AC Installation, you will find that your utility bills will lower significantly, as intended.

We understand the financial burden of a new AC system. So, we offer financial plan assistance from our partners at Wells Fargo, Synchrony, and GE.

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