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Any responsible homeowner trusts experience and knowledge over cheap and quick AC service provider. At Air McCall, excellent installations and highest quality servicing is our priority and passion.

In fact, we provide all inquiring clients a free-of-charge Expert Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Consultation. Once you give the go signal, we will schedule a time for our technicians to come get started.

This is necessary because Air McCall wants the most precise and correct installation for every AC system it installs or services.

Our study regarding AC lifespan and performance parallels professional research. According to industry studies, 60% of air-conditioning installation teams install units incorrectly.

Consequently, it inflates another problem: 90% of these cases have homeowners pay much more for utilities. Improper installation leaves AC units to using more power to produce its target output.

With our preliminary free evaluation and consultation, Air McCall guarantees only 99.9% correct installations that guarantee improved AC lifespan, and performance. You will save more on utilities too!

Qualified, Certified, and Exceptional Carrier AC Services in Palencia

Why Trust Air McCall for Your Palencia Air Conditioning Needs?

Air McCall is Palecia’s most qualified Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. If you’re looking for the best AC contractors to find high rated units, effective installations, and lifespan-improving AC repairs, then you’re on the right page.

Our technicians have decades of AC servicing knowledge and experience. Our company is bonded and insured and meets all requirements to service and install any HVAC system in Palencia.

Furthermore, all servicing technicians are NATE-certified ensuring you only get the best AC services possible. If you are looking for a trustworthy Carrier AC distributor, installer, and service provider, then we’re the company you’re looking for!

One Important Reason Why Proper AC Installation Matters

As we found in our research, 90% of incorrect AC installation leads to huge homeowner problems in the future.

AC installation isn’t just about following the manufacturer’s installation instructions to the dot. It’s about surveying the AC’s capacity, it’s holding environment, and reducing possible wear and tear with the equipment.

An excellent AC installation involves minimizing frequent AC on and off cycles. If you’re using a high-capacity AC unit that can cool 1000 square feet in a 500-square foot room, then the AC unit’s cooling cycles become frequent.

As a result, the AC will induce frequent component stress, which leads to repairs often. In turn, the lifespan of the unit is diminished drastically. You saved no money, in this case.

A well-trained team of AC technicians understands the environment’s effects to AC units. An optimal AC unit can cool down a room. However, if the room has poor insulation, the AC unit uses more power to achieve the target temperature.

We understand that repairing these rooms for optimal AC use can be expensive. This is why our team will listen to your concerns about our recommendations to help bring about a compromised solution that presents the best AC lifespan and durability possible.

Air McCall: Palencia’s Answer to All AC Needs

Air McCall stands for excellent service at an affordable price. We understand that AC units are a big financial committment. We want to help our clients when it comes to financing. We have Wells Fargo, Synchrony, and GE financing available.

As a Five-Time President’s Award winner, we take pride in our ability to provide excellent customer service. We are happy to provide our excellent services in Palencia and the surrounding areas.

Carrier Products We Distribute, Install and Service

We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and we supply the following AC units:

Infinity Series

Carrier Infinity Series reaches up to 21 SEER and has a low hum reach only 58 decibels of sound. Its precision features including a two-stage compression system for accurate temperature control have made this one a favorite.

In addition, the Infinity Series is known for its low-stage operation that reduces energy footprint. Unit owners know how much they save using the Infinity Series.

Performance and Comfort Series

The Performance and Comfort Series relies on improved power consumption and efficient cooling. It is a proud AC line with a lower price tag, making it a favorite among many Palencia households.

Infinity Heat Pump

AC units aren’t only useful for cooling rooms. Many heat up rooms too. Carrier’s Infinity Heat Pump is one excellent heater.

It has a feature that provides excellent heating control in the form of GreenSpeed intelligence. Its Ultra-Quiet heating feature guarantees extremely low noise use. For this reason, it won Enegy Star’s Most Efficient Winner in 2019.

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