Air McCall believes in providing the best air condition products and installation services to its customers.

For this reason, all our customers receive an Expert Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Consultation FREE of charge.

Why do you need this?

Industry studies show that 60% of new AC installations fail because of the contractor’s inadequacy to evaluate the installation area prior to the AC unit delivery date.

Therefore, 90% of these activities make clients pay higher than expected utility bills because of their AC’s consistent performance issues.

From our dedicated perspective, we want our customers to have the finest AC and a proper AC installation process. In doing so, we help them extend their AC unit’s lifespan and consistent performance too.

Air McCall’s passion is to make sure all our clients receive an excellent AC experience. Our focus is to help and never to pressure anyone to use our service!

The Best AC Installers in Julington Creek

Why Air McCall is Your Finest AC Contractor

If you’re looking for the best AC installation contractor in Julington Creek, you’ve definitely landed on the right page.

Air McCall is a decades-experienced contractor, an authorized Carrier Factory dealer, and a Five-Time President’s Award Winner as a result of our dedication to excellent customer service. We don’t just guarantee an excellent AC installation. We guarantee only the best experience for our clients as best possible.

However, we understand that quality AC installations can be expensive. Therefore, we extend our own hand to our clients in need. Air McCall offers Wells Fargo, GE, and Synchrony financing to our clients in need of the best AC services possible.

Our AC installation technicians are NATE-certified and have been background checked. We want to know who we are allowing into your home or business. Trust is very important to us.

As a result, they provide only the best and precise AC workmanship that guarantees an AC with a long life and excellent performance throughout.

The Reason Proper AC Installation Is Important

Having done countless AC installation services throughout its existence, Air McCall has found the culprit of many AC problems: installation.

As we mentioned earlier, majority of AC installations cause performance issues and shortened AC lifespans in the future.

However, missing a step from the manufacturer’s installation guide is improper installation is not the only factor that can shorten an AC’s life. AC distributors and contractors must advise customers on the IDEAL AC unit they must install in their home.

Imagine owning an industrial-grade, large-sized AC unit for use in a single room. You’ll definitely enjoy a cool and comfortable room. However, the AC will detect peak temperatures quickly. As a result, the large unit will cycle its cooling on and off consistently, which can damage its circuits due to consistent stress.

Therefore, distributors and contractors must help you find the optimal AC to guarantee an excellent AC installation for your property.

Distributors such as Air McCall aren’t looking for quick profits after selling an AC unit. We educate our customers on why they need what we recommend.

It’s simple. You must have the correctly sized unit for your property, or you will have issues.  Too large or too small, it has to work harder than it should. As a result, the homeowner pays for high utility bills and the components of the unit wear down quickly.

Our trustworthy and experienced AC technicians will discuss these small details with you. Furthermore, we will listen to your respective queries and concerns to create a compromise that results to an effective AC installation.

Five-Time President’s Award Winner For Service Excellence

Air McCall is a Five-Time President’s Award Winner for excellent customer service. We pride ourselves with our work quality and customer care.

As a certified top Carrier Factory Authorized dealer, we distribute only the best carrier products such as the following:

Carrier Products We Install for Clients

  • Infinity Series: Carrier’s Infinity series is a Consumers Digest Best Buy Winner. In addition, it is an Energy Star-qualified appliance because of its power saving capabilities. Many satisfied clients find its nifty characteristics and features such as two-stage compression and low-stage operation that improves appliance maximization with minimal energy footprint.
  • Infinity Series Heat Pump: Carrier’s brand-name heater has a Greenspeed Intelligence feature that gives clients the most precise temperature control possible. Furthermore, it has an ultra-quiet heating feature. It is an awardee of Energy Star’s Most Efficient Winner in 2019.
  • Performance and Comfort: Carrier’s residential series of AC units focus on maximum energy savings while providing best-quality operation and cooling. Many residential clients find its mid-range price and exceptional features outstanding.

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Air McCall is your top tier contractor providing the best-quality AC installation, repair, and replacement services in Julington Creek and the surrounding areas.

Our passion is to provide an excellent AC experience for all our clients. Remember, most people can install an AC. However, optimally installing an AC unit is something experienced AC contractors can do.

With our service, we guarantee lower energy bills, improved indoor air quality, and top-level performance from all the AC units we supply, install, and service.

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