Do you need AC Installation services in Nocatee? At Air McCall, our goal is to help all of our customers find the best solutions for the most fair price. To emphasize this, we offer our Expert Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Consultation services free of charge.

You’ll receive a detailed written proposal. This document outlines the entire AC installation cost. As your trustworthy AC contractor, we provide this free of charge and with no hidden fees.

We do this because our customers face two unsettling facts:

  • Industry studies reveal that 60% of new installations by AC contractors fail due to improper installation or installation of incorrect sized AC unit (Same difference – failed AC installation).
  • A whopping 90% of these mistakes result to AC performance issues, including unnecessarily skyrocketing your utility bills due to high power consumption of a unit turning off and on constantly.

Here at AirMcCall, we value the importance of proper AC installation assessment to guarantee a 100% correct installation.

In doing so, we help prolong the lifespan of your AC unit and reduce your utility bills.

Air McCall believes in always doing the right thing in alignment with our passion to provide excellent AC installation services. We will never pressure our clients to use our services or buy our air conditioning systems.

Only Proper and Safe AC Services Nocatee

Why Trust Us With Your AC?

You were probably looking for the best AC contractors when you arrived on this page. Are you looking for top quality work at a fair cost?  Air McCall is the company you’re  looking for!

We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Furthermore, we’re a Five-Time President’s Award Winner! It is for this reason we uphold our excellent values in line with our passion to provide the best AC installation services.

All employees and technicians are subject to background checks and must prove their abilities and work ethic. Air McCall strives to maintain and improve our employees’ work performances at every opportunity. In turn, they give our clients the most accurate and knowledgeable AC workmanship for a guaranteed long-lasting and satisfying service.

All of our technicians have NATE certifications and years of experience handling AC installations and inspections.

How Does an Excellent Installation Improve Your AC Performance and Lifespan?

Nipping the problem in the bud is key for solving almost anything. For AC units, this is also the truth.

Air-conditioning systems have different sizes to accommodate the cooling needs for each specific property. It makes no sense to go buy the largest unit you can afford. Using a large unit for a small room is impractical and expensive. Your installation will not get the desired results and energy costs will balloon at the same time.

When this happens, the room will cool quickly. Then, the AC unit senses having reached the optimal temperature and begins to reduce its cooling capacity and shuts down.

Frequent on and off cycles stresses AC components. As a result, sub-standard AC installations will cause component stress, frequent repairs, and a shorter lifespan than optimally installed AC units.

Proper AC installation is not just about following the manufacturer’s mounting and insertion instructions. Veteran AC contractors know this: the location’s smallest details matter the most.

There are many different variables to consider when determining the size unit needed. The square footage, how many windows, ceiling height, how many heat sources are in the area and insulation all are key factors.

Our veteran AC technicians will discuss these details with you. Furthermore, they will address your concerns and make recommendations on all aspects of a good AC “install”.

In doing so, both our technicians and our clients achieve excellent AC installation results that guarantee efficiency and improved unit lifespan.

Best Air Condition Contractors in Nocatee

Air McCall services areas across Nocatee and the surrounding areas.

In addition to our talented and experienced staff, we are distributors of several renowned AC brands. Our technicians have the necessary qualifications to install them for our customers.

Air-Conditioning Units We Distribute, Install and Service

Carrier Infinity Series

  • Consumers Digest Best Buy Winner
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Reaches up to 21 SEER
  • 58 decibel sound
  • Two-stage compressor for perfect temperature control
  • Low-stage operation for maximum energy consumption

Carrier Performance and Comfort Series

  • Long-term energy savings with optimal operation
  • Residential staple appliance

Carrier Infinity Heat Pump

  • Greenspeed Intelligence feature offers exceptional temperature control
  • Ultra-Quiet heating
  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Energy Star Most Efficient Winner 2012
  • Reaches up to 20.5 SEER and 13 HSPF

High Quality AC Services in Nocatee, Call Us Today!

Air McCall provides AC installation and services in Nocatee.  Our experienced technicians have extensive knowledge and the capability to install the best indoor cooling system for your property.

Our passion is to provide excellent and cost-effective investments that improve the comfort of your home. However, we understand that quality AC service can be quite expensive. We offer financing services from reputable companies, as well.

Call us today at 904-274-5714 to discuss your AC installation needs!