Air McCall focuses on providing great-value service to its customers. It’s not just about making a sale, but creating an excellent experience. It is for this reason we provide an Expert Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Consultation FREE of any charge for all inquiries.

Therefore, we provide this service even if you won’t use our services in the future.

Our reason for doing this aside from improving our service quality:

  • About 60% of new AC installations are not done correctly.
  • An estimated 90% of all these failed installations lead to HUGE AC bills the customer shoulders over time.
  • In addition, this reduces the AC’s lifespan and performance.

Air McCall’s passion is to provide an excellent air-conditioning installation or repair service that helps prolong your appliance’s lifespan, improve its performance, and give you value-for-money service.

Air McCall: Southside’s Most Trusted AC Contractors

The Best AC Installers in Southside

If you’ve ended up on this page, you were probably looking for the best AC installers in Southside. Fortunately, you’ve ended up in the right place!

Air McCall has decades of experience in working with AC units across Southside and its surrounding areas. In addition, we’re a Carrier Factory-Authorized dealer and a Five-Time President’s Award Winner because of our quality customer service dedication.

Therefore, if you need an excellent AC, a perfect installation, or any AC-related service with Carrier brands, Air McCall is the company you’d want to call.

AC installation or repairs are expensive. Because we want all Southside homeowners to enjoy excellent AC services, we provide a financing option courtesy of Wells Fargo, GE, and Synchrony.

I Can Install My AC, So Why Do I Need You?

True enough, most people can install an AC unit.

In fact, you can construct the AC unit’s support structures by DIY. You can then turn on the AC unit and enjoy the fresh cool room you’ve always wanted.

Unfortunately, you get higher bills after a month of using your unit and can’t understand why. We want to point out that following the manufacturer’s installation instructions is not all there is to AC installation.

Reputable distributors and contractors such as Air McCall help their customers find the best AC that cools rooms, consumes adequate power, and prolongs the AC’s lifespan. This is all a part in an excellent AC installation.

Therefore, we won’t recommend the most powerful AC for a 1000-square foot room. Doing this will result to an AC unit that frequently cycles its cooling, stresses its components, and shortens the appliance’s lifespan.

AC contractors who provide exceptional customer value will inspect the room for poor insulation. In addition, they place the room’s size, cavities, windows, and other factors that will complement or deter the room’s cooling.

As a result, they find the precise model that will cool efficiently. There are many factors to determining the exact right size for your property. We can troubleshoot buildings that have issues and provide the exact solution you need for effectively and affordable cooling your property.

Certified Carrier Factory Dealer and Servicing Company

Air McCall takes pride in its quality work and customer support. Our teams focus on giving you value-for-money services. We don’t work to have quick sales, but strive to have lasting and productive relationships with our customers.

As a Factory-Authorized dealer for Carrier, we distribute, install, and service the following:

Choose from Our Line of Excellent Carrier AC units:

Infinity Series

Carrier’s Infinity Series won Consumers Digest Best Buy Award because of its power saving capabilities. By using less power to cool down a room with precision, it has become a homeowner favorite. In addition, homeowners enjoy special features such as two-stage compression that guarantees precision cooling.

Performance and Comfort Series

Performance and comfort focuses on providing excellent cooling with maximum energy savings. Many homeowners who wish for low-power expenditures without sacrificing performance often name this AC unit. With its mid-range price, it is always a hit.

Infinity Heat Pump

Aside from cooling, Carrier has a heating pump for the chilly winters. The Infinity Series Heat Pump has won Energy Star’s Most Efficient Award in 2019 because of its Greenspeed Intelligence feature. Users get the most precise heating settings possible effectively reducing energy consumption and lowering overall utility expenditures.

Allow Air McCall to Give You The Most Satisfying AC Service Possible!

Air McCall is about excellent AC installation and all related services. We provide the best AC installation, repair, and replacement services across Southside and its surrounding areas.

We’re not just out to make a sale and walk away. We strive to provide an excellent AC experience from purchase, installation, to future services. Remember, most people can install an AC unit. However, only veteran contractors can install AC units in the best way possible.

You will receive all the benefits of lower energy bills, excellent room air quality, and long-term consistent performance from all the AC units Air McCall provides and services.

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