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Need an air conditioning unit installed in your property? Look no further! Air McCall is the company you’re looking for.

True enough, any person who follows the manufacturer’s guide can install their air-conditioning units with ease. Unfortunately, several details can reduce the AC unit’s performance and overall lifespan.

Furthermore, 60% of professional AC installers often commit small errors that lead to poor AC installations. Our research has revealed that 90% of these cases lead to huge utility bills.

Without proper AC installation, property owners are suffering from the consequences.

It is for this reason that Air McCall provides an Expert Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Consultation FREE of charge.  And yes, this includes customers who are just inquiring or trying to know more about our installation services.

Only The Best AC Installation Services For Westside Properties

Air McCall is Westside’s Number-One Trusted AC Installer

Air McCall services Air Conditioning units in Westside  and the surrounding areas.

Our teams are about accuracy, precision, and providing excellent customer service. We recognize that all AC installation situations are unique. Therefore, we provide personalized services for our customers.

Furthermore, all our staff, technicians, and logistics undergo background checks. These include physical and mental health checks, including drug and substance usage. In turn, we can bond and insure them.

In addition, all our technicians are NATE-certified professionals. They guarantee only accurate and knowledgeable AC installation, servicing, and any other form of workmanship required.

You get all these benefits and more by working with Air McCall’s professionals today.

Why AC Installation Matters?

As property owners, you can just hire someone to create the infrastructure that complies with the manufacturer’s AC installation prescription. Unfortunately, procedures go beyond just manufacturer instructions and specifications.

Air McCall’s professionals consider the local installation environment and AC unit’s performance during service rendition.

For example, we will advise about poor room insulation and its consequences. A room with bad insulation reduces the AC’s cooling capacity by 50% in severe cases.

Air McCall as your dealer and installation technician, gives you the following benefits: An adequately-priced AC with top-notch performance, accurate AC installation, and lengthened unit lifespan.

Companies without experience and proper training, can give you a unit that is too large for the square footage you need cooled. While it can cool your room enough, the unit will suffer great component stress due to the cooling system going on and off frequently.

As a result, the unit gets damaged and ends up with a reduced lifespan and poor performance. With effective installation and environmental consideration, your AC will have a lengthened lifespan, accurate performance, and guaranteed to reduce power bills.

Air McCall: Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer, Five-Time President’s Award Winner

Air McCall is a Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer and Five-Time President’s Award Winner. We achieved this status because of our dedication to excellent customer service and AC installation services.

We are all about providing our customers the best AC services possible with an installation they can count on. Sometimes it is gratifying to not see our customers again,  because it’s a sign their Air Conditioning unit is working effectively.

If you’re interested in purchasing an AC unit from us, here are the lines our company distributes, installs, and services.

Carrier AC Units that We Sell, Install and Service:

Infinity Series

Carrier’s flagship AC units have won Consumers Digest Best Buy Award because of its Greenspeed Intelligence feature. This groundbreaking optimization allows it to achieve ideal cooling efficiency with minimal power consumption.

It does this with its two-stage compression feature for precision cooling and power usage. Furthermore, the Infinity Series AC units have the lowest vibration and noise at 58 decibels during operation.

Infinity Series Heat Pump

The heating counterpart of the Infinity Series AC unit also features the Greenspeed Intelligence feature that provides high-accuracy heating with minimal noise produced during its operation.

Furthermore, it has won Energy Star’s Most Efficient award in 2019. This is a “must have” for any property owner looking for increased performance.

Performance and Comfort

This residential-oriented AC series provides an ultra-quiet cooling experience for any homeowner. Featuring window, split, and inverter-type units, Performance and Comfort provides accurate and affordable cooling solutions for any situation.

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At Air McCall, we’re all about providing excellent AC services with precision and accuracy. In doing so, our customers will have reduced utility bills, improved AC lifespan, and the best cooling comfort in their property.

Furthermore, we understand that quality AC services can dent budgets greatly. In turn, we aid our customers with financing options from Wells Fargo, GE, and Synchrony.

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