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AC Installations and Air-Conditioning in general is a vital part of any residential, corporate, and industrial property in Florida. The fact that there is warmth year round, makes Air Conditioning basically an “essential”.

Corporate properties need to reduce human and equipment heat in the workplace. Therefore, AC units are essential in this aspect. Factories, laboratories and other facilities mush have a certain temperature maintained for the sake of the equipment used.

Regardless whether you’re a residential, corporate, or industrial property owner, if you need an excellent AC installation, you can rely on Air McCall.

In fact, we provide an Expert Air Conditioning System Inspection and Evaluation FREE of charge. We do this to provide 100% accurate AC installations.

According to our research in the previous years, about 60% of AC installation services fail to install units properly. As a result, 90% of these cases contribute highly to the user’s utility bills. By providing free evaluations, we can prevent this situation from ever happening.

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Why Trust Air McCall For All Your AC Installation Needs?

Air McCall’s employees receive comprehensive health and workplace insurance. Therefore, any untoward incident during your AC’s installation would be our responsibility. Furthermore, all our employees receive annual health and professional check-ups and review seminars.

Additionally, we strive to provide only the best AC installation services by performing in-depth research in our respective industry. In doing so, we discover the ideal installation practices and identify frequent AC problems that speed up our work on your units.

We understand the value of AC units. They are a big financial investment, especially corporate and industrial cooling units. Our team’s vast experience, knowledge, and NATE-certification guarantee 100% accurate installations that save you money and prolong your AC unit’s lifespan.

AC Installations: The Root Cause of Most AC Problems and Solutions

It might seem unbelievable, but AC installations are the root cause of most AC problems. True enough, any end-user can follow a manufacturer’s AC installation instructions. As a result, they achieve cooling in their property but fail to account for operating environment and AC contributions that can drive up utility costs.

For example, an amply-powered AC unit for a small room should cool it down within minutes. Unfortunately, small cavities and un-insulated areas force the AC to double its cooling efforts. As a result, the AC unit uses more power and reduces its lifespan due to consistent component stress.

On the other hand, an overpowered AC unit can cool down a poorly insulated room effectively. However, its frequent cooling system shutdowns will place huge component stress reducing its lifespan effectively.

Therefore, having professionals consider all AC installation factors guarantee you’ll have an AC unit that performs adequately and optimizes its power usage. Our professionals will listen to your suggestions and compromise their insulation and efficiency-enhancement plans to meet your budget.

Air McCall: Award-Winning Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

Air McCall is a company dedicated to excellent consumer service. We are a Five-Time President’s Award winner for excellent customer satisfaction ratings. We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer.

We have chosen Carrier products because their sales practices and overall customer success passion is parallel to ours. Air McCall and Carrier intend only to deliver top quality results for our clients.

Carrier Products in Our Line-up

Infinity Series

Carrier’s Infinity Series won Consumers Digest Best Buy award because of its Greenspeed Intelligence technology. The proprietary technology improves its consumption of energy. In turn, it maximizes the AC unit’s performance without driving up the user’s utility costs.

Complementing the proprietary technology is Carrier’s two-stage compression mechanics in the Infinity Series. Every unit can accurately reach peak cooling in a matter of seconds without component stress. With guaranteed cooling and efficient power use that achieves 20 SEER, you can never go wrong with the Infinity Series.

Infinity Series Heat Pump

The heating counterpart of the cooling units, the Infinity Series Heat Pump uses Greenspeed Intelligence to keep track of its power consumption. This allows it to heat rooms without using excess energy in the process.

It is the complete mirror image of the Infinity Series ACs when it comes to heating. True to its results, Energy Star gave it the award for Most Efficient appliance in 2019.

Performance and Comfort

The residential-focused line of Carrier is not second to its Infinity Series. Delivering excellent variety in terms of window, split, or inverter-type AC units, consumers have a good selection that solves their cooling needs with the precision of a pin.

Furthermore, Performance and Comfort focuses on cooling with efficient power usage. With sensors that quickly detect temperature changes, it adjusts its power usage during cooling. In turn, it drives down utility costs fairly quickly.

Trust Air McCall to Help You With All Your AC Needs

For all your AC installation needs, we at Air McCall are confident in handling it with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. After using our services, we guarantee you’ll have a powerful AC unit that has lengthened lifespan and consistent durability.

If you feel a new AC is a huge financial commitment, we provide financial plan assistance from Wells Fargo, GE, and Synchrony. We have your backs when it comes to optimum AC installations and relevant services.

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