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A Guide to Understanding Heat Pumps

A Guide to Understanding Heat Pumps

We have found that many people don’t really understand the basics of how heat pumps work. Often, people mistakenly believe that they are for heat only. This is not the case. A heat pump provides both Heating and Air Conditioning. Air McCall is your Heat Pump Expert in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas.

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Because Florida winter temperatures are moderate, a heat pump is a good choice because it can provide A/C during the high temps and heat during the winter months. Air conditioning alone cannot provide both.

A heat pump is an appliance that has two components: a condenser and an air handler. The condenser sits outside the building. The air handler is inside. Both refrigeration and electricity are the technologies behind the operation of a heat pump. Heat pumps are often referred to as mini splits.

Understand How Heat Pumps Provide Heat

Outside air is utilized for both heating and cooling. When heat is called for the fan on the outdoor comes and pulls the heat from the air outside of the building and moves through a heat exchanger.

It is then transferred through the refrigerant line to the indoor unit. The fan on the indoor unit then disburses the heat throughout the home or business.

How Heat Pumps Cool Inside Temperatures

Essentially, the cooling aspect is in reverse of the heating process. It simply pulls the heated air from the inside and transfers it outside and releases it. It simply removes heated air.

Are Heat Pumps Efficient?

Heat pumps are energy efficient because they do not rely on electricity to provide the heat constantly, as in the case of baseboard heating. The only electricity used is to power the fans. They can also be used with solar electricity.

What Happens When Outside Air is Too Cold?

When temperatures are cold it is necessary for your heat pump to perform a defrost cycle. The moisture in the air creates frost on the outdoor coil. When this happens -–- the heat pump must work constantly to do its’ job.

The cycle works by the heat pump performs in reverse. There is a defrost control on the system itself. When there is a need to defrost hot refrigerant is sent outdoor to thaw the coil.

When the system is in defrost mode, your fans will stop running and you may hear a humming noise. There is generally no reason for alarm, as when the coil is thawed it will return to running normally.

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