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Ortega’s Best AC Installation Company

Ortega’s Best AC Installation Company

Air-conditioning units maintain the safety and temperature of indoor air. These units that provide comfort and safety can break down without effective maintenance. However, an effective installation prevents Air Conditioning performance and lifespans from falling apart.

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Air McCall is an Ortega, FL Air Conditioning installation and servicing company. We provide only the best A/C services for our clients. In this light, we provide a FREE unit installation evaluation and a detailed proposal report.

This inspection will maximize the A/C’s performance and places reduced component stress to prolong its lifespan.

A/C installations are more than just following the manufacturer’s specifications. It’s all about understanding the A/C-affecting factors in the installation environment. Veteran technicians from Air McCall definitely know what to look for, so call us today if you need an effective A/C installation.

Air McCall: Superior AC Services for Ortega Properties

Trust Us to Provide Full AC Repairs and Installation

Our company is a Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer. We sell superior Carrier AC units, install, and service them for our clients.

All our staff and technicians undergo rigorous background checks including lifestyle and health inspections annually.

Furthermore, our technicians are NATE-certified and continue to undergo seminars and related education to improve their provision of AC services to our clients.

We highly value our clients. As a result, we improve the employee work environment and benefits to make sure they provide to you superior AC service.

At AirMcCall, we’re all about quality AC installation and repair services. Allow our technicians to install or repair your system today.

If you don’t have an A/C system, then allow us to recommend and install the unit in the best way possible.

Installation: The Root Cause of All A/C Troubles

Our studies last year indicate that about 60% of A/C technicians fail to install A/C units properly. Furthermore, approximately 90% of these cases lead to inflated utility costs because of underperforming A/C units that its environment affects heavily.

We provide free Expert A/C Evaluation and Consultation to all clients and inquirers to reduce AC installation margin of error.  In doing so, we guarantee only proper A/C installation.

Proper installation is more than just manual reading. It requires A/C technical knowledge.

For example, using an overpowered A/C unit in a 50-square foot room guarantees consistent temperatures. However, the A/C unit’s frequent on and off cycles creates huge component stress. In turn, the A/C unit will deteriorate and reduce its lifespan over time.

Our technicians will recommend preventative solutions. However, they understand that some procedures such as insulation and layering are quite expensive.

Air McCall provides financing services from Wells Fargo, Synchrony, and GE for our services. In this way, we help you achieve an ideal AC installation that prolongs the lifespan of your unit.

six-time President’s Award Winning Carrier Factory-Authorized AC Dealer

Air McCall is an award-winning AC contractor with permission to distribute and service superior Carrier units.

Known for their lifespan, durability, and exemplary performance, Carrier is our partner in all our company endeavors. Our awards are the result of our passion to provide excellent customer service and 100% satisfaction.

Carrier Air-Conditioning Units We Distribute and Service

Infinity Series

Carrier’s Infinity Series A/C systems are more than just quiet performers that cool down your property.

Under the hood, a master brain is at work. Its superior Greenspeed Intelligence technology combined with proprietary two-stage cooling compression allows their A/C units to cool rooms without using more than the sufficient amount of energy.

As a result, the Infinity Series is a Consumers Digest Best Buy winner. Furthermore, it has received certification from Energy Star. For quiet, cool nights, most clients prefer Carrier’s Infinity Series.

Performance and Comfort

This Carrier line is all about energy savings while providing optimal A/C cooling. Even without Greenspeed Intelligence, Performance and Comfort Series Air Conditioners provide a wide range of specifications for the discerning property owner.

Therefore, if you needed to find the best solution for exact requirements, this is the AC series you need. In addition, its mid-range price makes it a top seller among our clients.

Infinity Series Heat Pump

Equipped with Greenspeed Intelligence, the Infinity Series Heat Pump is an excellent choice to make winters bearable easily.

Its ultra-quiet heating, outstanding energy efficiency, and compact built similar to its cooling Infinity Series A/Cs make it a must-have among our clients.

The Infinity Series heat Pump has won Energy Star’s Most Efficient Award in 2012. Its outstanding achievement of reaching 20.5 SEER and 13 HSPF has made this result possible.

Your One-Stop Shop for Excellent AC Installation and Servicing

Ortega’s properties need only the best A/C installation services for their property. We at Air McCall have a passion to deliver excellent AC installation services and exemplary customer service.

In doing so, we help your AC have a long lifespan and improved performance and durability. You’ll have the proper A/C with the right power consumption and capability in your property too.

Call us today and rate our services on Google. If you do so, you’ll receive a FREE A/C tune-up service from us too! Call us today!