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Air McCall Is Offering Great Fall HVAC Savings in Jacksonville

Air McCall Is Offering Great Fall HVAC Savings in Jacksonville

Fall has officially arrived, and we are offering some great seasonal discounts to our customers in Jacksonville, Florida; and the surrounding areas that we service. Now is a perfect time to have your air ducts or dryer vents cleaned. It’s also a great opportunity to replace your HVAC system if you need to, as the busy season is behind us and it’s easier for us to take care of your system replacement needs than it is during the hot summer season.

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With modern buildings generally being sealed up better than older homes, so many things become trapped inside your home that affect air quality. Your duct work and dryer vents are generally full of contaminants like dust mites, mold and other bacteria are harmful to your health.  

These contaminants cause many respiratory issues that could be eliminated by having air ducts and dryer vents cleaned. In the case of your duct system, when too much dust and debris build up, it essentially makes your HVAC system work harder. So, it is more expensive to operate, and it is more prone to breakdowns that require an emergency service call.

Until November 19th, 2022, we are offering a 20% discount on air duct and dryer vent cleaning. Hopefully the price break will encourage home and business owners to take advantage of the service and improve their indoor air quality.

For those that need to replace their HVAC system, we have rebates up to $2100 on new HVAC systems. How do you know it’s time for an upgrade?

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether it is time for a new system. Generally, your HVAC system should last eight to twelve years, but the expected lifespan of your specific brand could be higher or lower depending on its condition and quality level at purchase. As repairs start getting expensive or too frequent, you should probably look into replacing your system before things become even worse!

The last thing you want is for it to break down completely when you need it the most. Saving up to $2100 to replace the system can be a big factor in deciding to replace it now rather than later.

At Air McCall, we believe in treating all of our customers the way we want our own families to be treated. We stand for Honesty, Integrity, Fair Pricing and Expert Craftsmanship. We never employ high-pressure sales tactics, and we stand behind our work.  We have thousands of satisfied customers that have reached out with great reviews and recommendations.

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