Air McCall is Proud to Be a Golden Rule Company

Air McCall is Proud to Be a Golden Rule Company


At Air
McCall, we take great pride in being a “Golden Rule” company in all of our
business interactions in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. We don’t feel
that just doing a good job is enough. We want every customer to have an
experience that makes them glad that they used Air McCall’s services and that
they were treated with honesty and respect. In our rapidly changing world, it’s
important for each customer to know that they can trust the company that they
are giving their business to.

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What is
the Meaning of the Golden Rule?

The Golden
Rule is very simple and one of the most important and basic ethics in life. It
means to “Treat Others as You Want to be Treated”. 

To be a
“Golden Rule Company” means that our company wants to treat every customer and
situation with kindness and thoughtfulness.

We want each
and every one of our customers to know that their needs are our priority, just
like we would treat our own family’s needs. Consideration is the key to good
relationships -–- including business relationships.

Other Standards Do We Believe In?

At Air
McCall, our principles are based on Honesty, Integrity, Fair Pricing and Expert
Craftsmanship. This is our mission statement, and we do our level best to
fulfill what we promise to do.

Our Company Members

Bolden and Curtis Cooper are co-owners of Air McCall and share the same
philosophies regarding life and business ethics. This is why Air McCall has
many long-term business relationships. Between the two of them, they have over
35 years of experience in great customer relationships and the HVAC industry.

Each and
every team member contributes to our success. Rob and Toby are sales team managers
that assist customers in choosing the systems that best suit their needs and
budget. Courtney is our service manager, managing many details on the service
end daily. Dan is the warehouse manager that makes sure we have everything we
need to take care of our customers in a timely manner. From the girls in the
office, to the technicians in the field, each one shares the same philosophy -–-
do the best job possible for each and every customer.

and Ratings

We also have
an A Plus Rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 4.9 Rating on Google
Reviews. We recognize that there are times that we are not able to please each
and every customer, even when doing our level best. Yet, if this happens, we
take EVERY step possible to rectify the situation and we are generally
successful in doing so.

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