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Air McCall Offering Holiday Savings of $500 Off New AC System

Air McCall Offering Holiday Savings of $500 Off New AC System

The holiday season is once again upon us and Air McCall, the leading HVAC company in Jacksonville, is spreading holiday cheer with up to $500 off of a new A/C System. Winter is a great time to have your system replaced. Your air conditioning isn’t necessarily required on a daily basis and the bit of downtime between operational systems isn’t such an issue.

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Is it time to replace your AC system or have it repaired again?

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether it is time for a new air conditioning system. Generally, air conditioning system should last eight to twelve years, but the expected lifespan of your specific brand could be higher or lower depending on its condition and quality level at purchase. The level of maintenance also plays a part in the condition it’s in.

If you are having to call for repairs more often, your HVAC technician has probably already told you that it’s time to start considering an updated unit. With a $500 discount on new systems, it is a logical time to get a free estimate. Repairs can start to cost more annually than what a new system would cost. Air McCall is happy to do the required service and hopefully buy you more time, but spending too much on a failing system doesn’t make sense if you have other options.

Even if you don’t have to call for repairs that often, there are other signs that it’s time for your old AC to be retired. As time goes on, components wear out causing it to run less efficiently -–- which means using more energy to produce the cooling that you desire. Be sure to check your utility bills for usage information and compare with previous years. The dollar amount of your energy bill isn’t the information that you’re looking for, as rate increases happen frequently. You need to know if your system is having to work harder each year to produce the same results.

What if I can’t afford a new AC System?

At Air McCall, we understand that not everyone has the money available to purchase a whole new system when they need one. Which is why we offer financing to help our customers afford what they need to live comfortably.

We offer three different kinds of financing:

  • GreenSky
  • Microf
  • Stress Free AC Program

Why should you trust Air McCall?

Air McCall doesn’t ever pressure a customer into buying something that they don’t need. We simply determine your needs and offer you options. We spend the time to make sure we are giving you choices based on the exact-sized system that you need at the best price possible. Our goal is to create and build long-term customer relationships, not one-off situations where a customer is unhappy with our company and never uses our services again.

We are a “Golden Rule” company and stand by our ethics in all of our customer relations. We fully stand behind our mission statement to provide: Honesty, Integrity, Fair Pricing and Expert Craftsmanship.

Our company has been the proud recipient of the prestigious Carrier President’s award 8 times, has an A Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and thousands of great reviews on Google (with a 4.9 out of 5 rating).

If you live in the Jacksonville or the surrounding areas and would like to consider purchasing a new system, simply fill out a contact form for a free quote or call us at 904-274-5714. We look forward to helping you with your air conditioning needs. We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!