Beat the Heat with Jacksonville’s Top Air Conditioning Installation Company

Beat the Heat with Jacksonville’s Top Air Conditioning Installation Company


The temperatures get extremely hot during the summer season in Jacksonville.  Which is why you should only use Jacksonville’s top air conditioning installation company, Air McCall, for all of your HVAC needs in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Air McCall’s company ethics and outstanding staff and technicians make them more than qualified to handle any AC issue you’re up against.

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In the course of doing a high volume of AC repair and service work, we know when systems have reached the end of their productive life. At some point, repairs just don’t last and it’s time for a new AC installation.

Nobody particularly wants to have to have a new installation done, due to costs and sometimes the inconvenience of being without AC during the process. However, Air McCall does their level best to make sure that any potential problems are addressed prior to the installation so that they can get your new system up and running at peak performance as quickly as possible.

We will assist you with the warranty, as well. The technicians are trained and certified and will leave their work area clean and tidy when they are finished. They will make sure you understand how to operate your new system and are comfortable with it before they leave the job site.

You might wonder how you know when it’s time to replace your AC system rather than repair it. There are a variety of things that could indicate that your system has outlived its usefulness and productivity.

·       Higher than normal usage on your utility bill

·       Uneven cooling or system blowing warm air

·       Strange sounds or foul odors

·       Too much humidity is building up in the unit

·       Constant repairs that only last short term

Generally, air conditioning system should last eight to twelve years, but the expected lifespan of your specific brand could be higher or lower depending on its condition and quality level of the system that was installed. As repairs start becoming more frequent, you should look into replacing your air conditioning system before it stops working altogether and increasing your power bill due to it working to hard to try to do its job.

The bottom line is that our experienced technicians will let you know if it’s more cost efficient to repair or replace your existing AC system. It is not our policy to try to sell our customers anything that they don’t need. If your unit does not need replaced, we will not attempt to sell you a new system. If you want a qualified and expert diagnosis of repair versus replacement, Air McCall is the company you need to call. 

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