Does My Heat Pump Need Repaired or Replaced?

Does My Heat Pump Need Repaired or Replaced?

If you have a heat pump system, you probably understand how important it is to the comfort of your home. When it is working properly, you likely don’t give it much thought. If it goes on the blink, though, your home can become unbearable quickly. Sometimes heat pump repair in Jacksonville can get your system working perfectly again. Other times, you need to replace your system altogether.

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Here are three instances when you can typically repair your heat pump and three when you should probably just get a new one.

Repair: You Hear Loud or Odd Noises

Your heat pump should operate without much noise. Noisy grinding might indicate a serious problem with your system’s motor. If it gets loud, you should contact a repair service immediately. Similarly, if you hear strange noises like pings, knocks, or squeals, you probably need to repair your system.

Repair: You See Leaks

If your heat pump starts to leak, you could have a hole in its supply lines. Ignoring a leak can lead to expensive and complicated repairs or total system replacement. As such, you should watch for pools of liquid or excess moisture for a sign that your pump might be sick.

Repair: You Smell Something Burning

Like any other electrical appliance or device, your heat pump system runs on a motor. If that motor overheats, it can completely shut down your system. Before that happens, you might smell an electrical burning scent. If you do, you should contract for heat pump repair in Jacksonville immediately.

Replace: You Are Constantly Fixing It

Even though most heat pumps require occasional repair, yours should work well without the need for frequent fixes. If you are calling a repair service more than once every couple of years, you should think about replacing your pump entirely.

Replace: Your Pump Is Ancient

While heat pumps can work for years, they do not last forever. Typically, a heat pump’s lifespan is about 20 years. Because newer pumps have more efficient technology, you might want to swap your ancient model for a newer one. Either way, when your system starts to show its age, particularly if it breaks frequently, you should think about installing a new pump.

Replace: You Have Higher Utility Bills

With age and repairs, over time your pump will become less efficient. With an inefficient pump, your utility costs can skyrocket. If you can’t find a service for heat pump repair in Jacksonville that can get your bills back where they should be, you should think about replacing your system.

If your heat pump isn’t functioning optimally, you should reach out to a skilled technician immediately. Whether you need a repair or complete replacement, your home just can’t be comfortable without a working heat pump system.