Four Tips for Choosing an AC Installation Contractor

Four Tips for Choosing an AC Installation Contractor

At some point, most homeowners in Jacksonville will need to find a contractor for AC installation. Technicians are trained professionals who can install units as well as service and repair them. It’s important to find a technician who is able to complete the job right the first time. Here are four tips on finding the right contractor.

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Look for a contractor who has a wide variety of experience with AC installation. The tech should have several years of experience and be able to install a newer unit with minimal difficulty. Most technicians have served alongside seasoned technicians or worked in programs offering them hands-on experience. Don’t be afraid to ask how long they have been installing AC units.


A technician should meet Jacksonville and Florida requirements for licensure. Holding a valid license demonstrates the technician has undergone adequate training and proven they are qualified to install an HVAC system according to the state’s requirements. They should also have insurance to provide protection for your property. Both insurance and licensure are necessary credentials to consider when choosing a technician.


Pricing should not be the most important element when choosing a technician, but it is one consideration. First of all, ask for a written bid and not just a quick quote over the phone. Don’t choose the lowest bidder just because you think you’ll save money. In many cases, unqualified technicians will offer the lowest prices to get the job but not perform the job to your satisfaction. This can end up costing you more in the end.


You may be able to find a reputable AC installation contractor by word of mouth. Technicians should have strong references and you should feel confident when choosing them for the job. Your friends and family members may offer a reference, or the contractor may provide a few.

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