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How Frequently Should Your A/C Unit Have Maintenance in Jacksonville, FL?

How Frequently Should Your A/C Unit Have Maintenance in Jacksonville, FL?

During the summer, the outdoor temperatures in Jacksonville, FL can be unbearable.  Your A/C is something you look forward to. But, your system may not be operating efficiently when you most need it. Air Conditioning units require regular maintenance to provide efficient cooling, making A/C maintenance extremely important.

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How often do you need expert service?  There are several factors involved in determining the Air Conditioning maintenance frequency your appliance needs.

The Changing Seasons

A/C units are somewhat like people. Because, when the seasons change, some parts of their functionality change in the process.  Lack of winterization is one of the main causes of Air Conditioning malfunctions.  This will often yield poor results when you expect good cooling from your unit in the spring. So, before the summer or winter ends, you can save yourself from poor A/C performance when you need it with a check-up.

Your Unit’s Age

A unit beyond 10 years of age will likely have aged and damaged parts. Now, it doesn’t mean your five-year-old A/C will not struggle to provide adequate cooling for your home if it’s not serviced. Only an in-depth check-up will determine why your A/C is not providing proper cooling levels. And, the older your unit is, the more frequently it requires inspections and maintenance.

A Quick Call

If, upon your personal observations, you haven’t determined the primary factor causing the A/C problems, it is best to call upon professionals. They can provide an in-depth A/C inspection and maintenance.

You can call the manufacturer to direct you to their certified contractors or perform an online search.  Air McCall services a wide variety of brands, makes and models. We will help with your Air Conditioning in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas. Consider calling us to know more!

Personal Role in Maintenance

A/C problems can be complicated. Sometimes they are simple. It could be a dirty filter or loose screw or wire. Many people don’t know how to determine the problem, or if they do, how to fix it. It helps to get a little familiar with your system. In doing so, you play your role in prolonging its lifespan and performance.

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If you have yet to find a reliable contractor in Jacksonville, FL, you can count on Air McCall. We will give you  efficiency-based and affordable A/C maintenance on a regular basis. We have been servicing properties across Jacksonville, FL and its surrounding areas for almost three decades. Contact us today to find out more about our maintenance programs!