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How Long Should AC Run at a Time?

How Long Should AC Run at a Time?

A very common question that people have when it comes to their air conditioning unit is just how often is should be running, as well as how long it should run. In some cases, they might feel as if it seems like their unit is running constantly. Others might feel that the unit in their Jacksonville, FL home shuts off too quickly or does not run enough to keep the house cool. So, what is the right amount of time for the unit to run? The answer, as with so many things, is that it depends.

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The AC may run differently, even when you have the same exact unit as another home, for a range of reasons. For example, the amount of insulation in the home can cause differences in when the air conditioning runs. In addition, the temperature outside of the home is going to play a large role. Whether the AC unit is the right size for the home will determine how long it is running, as well. A unit that is too large for the home will generally not run enough, whereas a unit that is too small will end up working overtime.

If the AC unit is not working properly, whether it needs maintenance or repair, can also cause the unit to run too much, too little, or not at all.

How Should the System Usually Work?

When everything is operating as it should, it becomes easier to determine how long the AC should run at a time. If you have a very hot Jacksonville, FL day, then the air conditioning should be running almost all of the time. this will help to keep the temperature in the house at what you have set on the thermostat.

When the weather outside is somewhat milder, the unit should not run all of the time. It will run in cycles. These cycles will typically last for about 15 minutes, and they will occur about two to three times per hour. Again, this will help to keep the temperature to what you’ve set on the thermostat. When it is even cooler out, it will need to run less, or not at all in some cases.

If you have found that your AC unit is not behaving properly, then you will want to get in touch with the professionals for air conditioning service and repair.