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Jacksonville HVAC Contractor Offers Solutions to Extending the Life of Your HVAC System

Jacksonville HVAC Contractor Offers Solutions to Extending the Life of Your HVAC System

It gets hot in Jacksonville! Which is why residents rely on their HVAC system to perform at maximum efficiency.  If you want optimal indoor air comfort, your system needs to function the way it is designed to. Air McCall, Jacksonville’s professional HVAC Contractor offers solutions to extending the life of your HVAC system.

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How Long Should Your HVAC System Last in Jacksonville, Florida?

You should reasonably expect a life expectancy of 15 -–- 20 years. It’s important to maintain your system to ensure that the life of it is extended as long as possible. Many people fail to maintain their systems and it will eventually start to perform less efficiently. If nothing is done when repairs are required, it will stop working altogether.

It’s important to understand the basics.  There are many different variables that play into having an efficient HVAC system.  Let’s touch on a few of those.

Is Your HVAC System Sized Correctly for Your Square Footage?

Cheaper isn’t always better. If you had your system installed by a company that didn’t exactly know what they were doing, this can cause problems from installation forward.

It’s vital that your HVAC system is designed to perform based on the square footage of the structure that you are heating and cooling. Some buildings have unique structural designs that   affect how your system operates. Professional installations should encompass all things that affect the system.

If you are having trouble with your heating and cooling, it’s possible that the system was not sized correctly in the first place. We are able to determine if this is an issue. It is also possible that the system is sized correctly, yet not being maintained or something is not working as it should.

Variables that Affect Your HVAC System’s Efficiency

Windows and Doors -–- Badly sealed windows are a problem. Also -–- if you have windows that allow too much sun into the building, it can affect how your system operates. Your unit will work overtime, so try to balance the sun by using shades when needed.

Thermostats -–- It’s best to have a code to change the settings on your thermostat, especially when too many people live in the house.  Also, be sure to check the batteries in your thermostat every month or so.

Filters -–- It is a good plan to change your filter every three months. But, if you live in a dusty area, or you have pets, you should change them every month.

Maintenance -–- Anything mechanical needs maintenance. Make sure you perform this necessary task at least twice a year. We offer a Comfort Club Maintenance Program which gives you twice per year visits and priority scheduling. During our visit, we can also diagnose potential issues that you will have to deal with in the future. It’s best to know before your HVAC system starts to fail.

Air McCall Can Help You with Your HVAC Questions

Our team at Air McCall has no desire to charge consumers for something that they don’t need.  Sometimes we can even assist you without coming to your home. Many inexperienced homeowners aren’t familiar with their system and simply don’t understand some of the basics and we can assist them with basic troubleshooting questions before coming to look at the unit.

If you do need a service call, our trained staff of certified technicians will always be efficient and honest. All of our technicians are background checked, so you can feel confident with them coming into your home. We can even text you a photo of the technician that will be arriving, so you can feel even more comfortable.

How to Contact Air McCall

We look forward to assisting you with any of your HVAC or Indoor Air Quality needs!