The Best Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

The Best Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Buying the best AC system won’t matter if you don’t keep up with the care and maintenance of the unit. So keep that in mind. Here are some ways you can keep your unit in tip-top shape:

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Replace those air conditioner filters

As far as maintenance tasks goes, this one is probably the simplest of all. You only need to get the clogged air filters out then get rid of any dirt or debris or go for new ones to improve your unit’s airflow. Since clogged air filters can slow down your system, installing clean ones will a lot to improve the operational efficiency of your AC.

Straighten those fins

If your fins are bent or out of shape, then they could get in the way of your unit’s airflow. You can use fin-straitening tools to get those fins back in place. Just be careful not to damage the damage the tubing within the fins while you try and straighten them out.

Clean around your HVAC

Check the area around your condenser for any debris or leaves. Keep two feet of space around the unit clear to boost unit airflow. You could keep the unit protected during the rainy days by putting plywood on top or plastic. However, be careful not to crowd in the unit too much since that could lead to corrosion buildup along the sides.

Make sure its level

If your condenser isn’t on an even keel, then that could cause compressor failure fairly early no. If you don’t want that to happen, then make sure the condenser is level. Opting for rot-resistant shims to help level the unit is also a good idea.

Keep the evaporator coil clean

Move into the inside of your furnace or blower unit and you’ll find the evaporator coil door. You might need to remove a few screws and bolts to get inside, so be ready with the right tools. Once you see the coil, use a soft brush to dust it clean. Use duct foil if it’s necessary to reseal the coil once you’re done.

Hire a pro

The best and most convenient way to keep your unit in top form is to hire a reliable AC maintenance specialist in Jacksonville. With the help of a professional, keeping your system in the best possible shape is simple, easy and hassle-free. For more information about AC services in the area, contact us at AirMcCall.