The Necessity of Regular Duct Cleaning

The Necessity of Regular Duct Cleaning

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Getting Duct Cleaning Regularly

Jonathan Bolden, one of our co-owners, says that regular duct cleaning is absolutely necessary for homes as well as commercial facilities. Ducts tend to collect dirt and debris over time and become a breeding ground for allergens.

Excessive buildup of dirt tends to affect the efficiency of heating and cooling systems and the presence of allergens can cause breathing problems and allergic reactions.

Regular duct cleaning can improve the efficiency and lifespan of heating and cooling systems and reduce maintenance costs significantly in the long term. It can also be beneficial for people with respiratory disorders and seasonal allergic problems.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services in Jacksonville

Air McCall offers a wide range of duct installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services. The company uses the highly advanced AIRE-SWEEP cleaning system to clean ducts and vents. The patented AIRE-SWEEP system has a powerful vacuum that can clean up dirt and debris that have accumulated over a long period of time.

The company uses cleaning equipment with HEPA filters to make sure the dirt and debris do not escape into the living space during the cleanup process. Furnishings are covered with tarps when needed, and the technicians are required to wear shoe covers to protect the floor.

Once the cleanup process is over, the entire duct system is thoroughly sanitized by applying a biocide, which is free of harmful chemicals. The biocide is applied using a fogging machine, which the company says is more effective than a sprayer when it comes to treating duct systems.

Skilled HVAC Technicians

We have a team of technicians who possess the necessary expertise and experience to install, repair, service, and replace duct systems in residential as well as commercial facilities. All the technicians are insured, and they undergo comprehensive background checks and drug tests.

The company offers free estimates for the residents as well as businesses in the region. There is a flat $75 discount available on all kinds of ductwork.