What Is the Most Energy Efficient Heating System?

What Is the Most Energy Efficient Heating System?

Home heating is essential, no matter what kind of temperatures your location typically experiences in winter. The expense of heating a home can be a huge part of a household budget, which also means that finding a system that is energy efficient is an excellent goal for those looking to curb spending. The good news is that there are many options for efficient heating that won’t break the bank.

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Heat Pumps

If you want the most efficient system, a heat pump system is what fits the bill. They are also a reasonable choice anywhere a moderate climate is the norm. These systems grab heat and move it as needed. In winter, heat is brought inside to be warmed, while in summer air is removed from the home to cool the house. In addition to that, heat pumps are also very friendly on the environment. No fossil fuels are being burned, and the efficiency of their operation means less energy is used.

Residential Furnaces

Another option for heating installation in Jacksonville is the furnace. These are the most common way of heating a home, with more than half of American households using them. Older models of furnaces are not known for being efficient, but things are changing with modern models. The three most common furnace types include:

  • Gas -–- These systems use natural gas for heat. It may have less heating efficiency than a heat pump but costs less to operate. The reason for this is because natural gas has been becoming more affordable recently.
  • Oil -–- These are furnaces that use fuel oil to make heat. You typically need a supplier nearby to deliver the oil to you. This also means that monitoring the supply is essential. This option is often more expensive than others.
  • Electricity -–- These units use electricity which powers heating coils to make warmth. They do not offer any gases or carbon monoxide which may be present in other furnaces, but they may cost more to operate than alternatives would.

Getting the Right Heating System Installed

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