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Duct Cleaning JacksonvilleAir McCall is the trusted leader in the science of comprehensive duct cleaning. Did you know there is a “right” versus “wrong” way to clean ductwork? Air McCall is licensed by the State of Florida to perform comprehensive duct cleaning, including removal and re-installation of air handler components, air registers, testing for air duct leakage, and repair all styles of ductwork. Please read the important bullet points below to become more informed about the “right” way to perform state-of-the-art duct cleaning and avoid unscrupulous companies.
  • Duct Cleaning Equipment: Air McCall uses the Abatement Technologies patented AIRE-SWEEP® air duct cleaning system. This system includes an extremely powerful vacuum and gas powered engine that can clean residential and commercial duct systems. Most companies use inferior vacuums that don’t have enough power to effectively clean your ductwork.
  • HEPA filtration: The equipment used by Air McCall contains HEPA filtration that will not allow debris and contaminants being pulled out of the duct system to escape into the living space of your home or office.
  • Air McCall’s Indoor Air Quality technicians are licensed to not only perform duct cleaning service, they can also service your air conditioning system so they understand how to remove and re-install the blower motor and fan assembly that must be removed to be properly cleaned.
  • Air McCall’s comprehensive Duct Cleaning process includes the use of a fogging machine to sanitize your duct system with an all-natural biocide that is harmless to you and your family, and your pets as well. Most companies use a sprayer (not a fogging machine) to try to sanitize the duct system but the sprayers are not effective to treat the entire duct system.
  • A comprehensive duct cleaning takes between 3-5 hours, depending upon the size of your house (and much longer for commercial applications). Most companies, especially the ones that have a price that seems to be “to good to be true”, are in and out of your house in less than an hour and may try to upsell you based on “mold” they allegedly find in your air handler.
  • Air McCall cares about YOU and your home. We wear shoe coverings to protect your floors and use tarps to protect your furniture. We will perform a cursory inspection for ductwork issues at no extra charge and let you know if we seen anything you should be aware of.
Not everyone will benefit from duct cleaning. But, if you suffer with allergies, sinus problems, respiratory issues, asthma or similar problems, a comprehensive duct cleaning may help. Please give us a call for a free consultation – it won’t take long and we promise you will be an “educated consumer” afterwards!

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