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Do you live in Mayport and need an AC installation? All properties need top quality services. Air McCall is the contractor you need to provide a knowledgeable and high-quality AC installation or service.

We provide FREE Expert Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Inspection for all our customers. This service is available even for inquiring customers, even if they haven’t decided to do business with us.

We do this because roughly 60% of professional AC installation companies fail to install air conditioning units properly. You might think that AC installations are as simple as reading the manufacturer’s installation manual and getting it done.  But, this truly is not the case. There is much more to it than simply hooking it all up and turning it on.

Our past research reveals that 90% of failed installations result to higher utility bills for end users. In consequence, with a passion to provide exceptional customer service, we at Air McCall do all the legwork.

The Most Accurate and Well-Done AC Installations Mayport

Why Trust Air McCall’s Experienced and Knowledgeable Team?

Knowledge and experience go hand in hand. At Air McCall we hire only the most qualified, certified technicians and they must have the work ethic that we expect of them.

In addition, each of our AC technicians are NATE-certified. This guarantees you’ll only have precise AC installations without any more hassles than necessary.

If you read our reviews on Google, you will see many compliments to the technical team, as well as other staff members and managers.

Poor Installations: The Root Cause of the Majority of AC Problems

Why would you need professional AC installation teams when you can just follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines? Because most people don’t have the basic knowledge to determine the correct sized unit in the first place.

Several factors affect the overall cooling capability of an AC. If a unit is purchased is too small or too large for the area that needs cooled, and other essential information isn’t factored in – you are highly likely to have a problem fairly quickly after the installation is complete.

Incorrectly sized units end up having component stress as it doubles its efforts to achieve the target temperature. Additionally, it will use up more energy and raise your utility bills.

We understand that once you have committed to spending your hard earned money, you want it to perform as promised. Many manufacturers won’t even honor a warranty if the installation isn’t handled by a professional HVAC contractor.

We guarantee that Air McCall’s technicians understand your needs from beginning to end and work hard to make sure that they do an excellent job every time!

Five-Time President’s Award Winner and Carrier Factory Authorized AC Installation Company

Air McCall is a Five-time Presidents Award winner through Carrier. This manufacturer recognizes our passion for excellent customer service to improve our sales performance. We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and Service company.

Carrier reflects the same values and commitment as our company does. In addition, the company aims to provide the top standards and long-lasting cooling solutions for their customers. As their distributor, we aim to extend their vision and ensure that their AC units help customers achieve optimum savings and satisfaction with their unit.

Carrier Products We Distribute and Service

Infinity Series

The Carrier Infinity Series is a top-of-the-line AC unit that guarantees excellent power consumption and performance at the same time.

Its proprietary Greenspeed Intelligence technology manages its power consumption while it reaches the target temperatures in the shortest time possible.

Additionally, aiding the groundbreaking software technology is its own two-stage compression unit that improves overall AC cooling accuracy. With precision cooling, it prolongs the AC’s lifespan while ensuring its optimal cooling capability.

Infinity Series Heat Pump

The Infinity Series Heat Pump is the counterpoint of the AC unit in the same series. It uses the same Greenspeed Technology feature that reduces its carbon footprint while maximizing its cooling capacity.

It heats a room without power consumption excess. Furthermore, energy Star gave the Infinity Series Heat Pump the Most Efficient award in 2019 for this reason.

Performance and Comfort

Carrier’s residential-oriented AC units have a selection of window, split, and inverter style units. Performance and Comfort AC units run quietly and ensure a great night’s rest – while you stay cool!

Its cooling capability is top notch while ensuring no excess energy consumption.

Air McCall: Just One Call Away from Quality AC Services

An excellent AC installation eliminates almost every future AC problem you can have. We will make sure your warranty is honored. We will do the job we promise to do!

If you’re ready to discuss a new AC installation in Mayport, call us today at: 904-274-5714!