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If you landed on this page, then you’re looking for the best AC installation or repair services in Riverside!

You’ve found what you’re looking for! Air McCall is the contractor you need to provide accurate and successful AC installation services.

Air McCall has years of experience installing and servicing AC units across Riverside and the surrounding areas. In fact, we provide a full Expert Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Consultation inclusive of a detailed written proposal that gives you an optimal AC unit guaranteed to cool your property.

Our company is passionate about providing the most excellent AC services possible. Therefore, with an extensive understanding of our client’s property and the AC’s installation area, we can estimate the unit’s cooling capacity and prolong its lifespan.

As a professional, customer-oriented, and results-focused company, Air McCall is confident it can provide the AC services Riverside residents need.

The Best AC Installation Technicians in Riverside

Why Trust Air McCall With Your AC Installation?

Each employee and technician working in Air McCall have to meet stringent qualifications to even be considered to be included in our team.

All our technicians are NATE-certified. In addition, they undergo regular background checks and drug screens. Our company is bonded and insured. We have met all certification and requirements needed to provide AC installation and service in the Riverside area.

We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Therefore, our customers can source their AC units from us. Additionally, we can handle the full process of installing their new AC units.

With a clear understanding of AC installation coupled with Carrier Factory education, our technicians have a 99.9% guaranteed correct and effective installation for every AC installation project.

If you’re looking for the best, look no further than Air McCall.

Fact: 90% of Failed AC Installations Can Create Higher AC Bills

According to industry studies, about 60% of AC contractors fail to install units correctly. Lack of experience and poor knowledge of the units being installed are most of the problem.

Furthermore, these incorrect installations can lead to higher energy bills in 9 out of 10 cases.

Why is the correct AC installation important?

A large AC unit can cool down a 600-square foot room. However, because of the continuous on/off cooling cycles, the unit places  pressure on all its components.

As a result, it shortens its lifespan and fails to reach its ideal efficiency. In turn, a failed installation that leads to poor performance results in frequent repairs.

On the other hand, having professionals install your air-conditioning units prevent this from happening. AC installation is not just about hooking it all up and  plugging it in.

AC installers must consider the property’s’ size, insulation, number of windows,  and more. Our free evaluation and consultation allows us to look through these areas and find you an ideal AC unit that will have consistent performance and achieve your AC goals affordably.

Five-Time President’s Award Winning AC Dealership and Contractor

Air McCall is more than just a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealership. We are also a Five-Time President’s Award winner because of our passion to deliver excellent customer experience.

As a trustworthy contractor, we guarantee only the best AC services possible.

Carrier Product Lines We Distribute and Service

Infinity Series

Carrier’s top-selling Infinity Series is an AC line of efficiency and power optimization combined. Quiet is its major characteristic. The Infinity Series introduces minimal noise, low power consumption, and cools down rooms effectively. For this reason, it has one Consumers’ Digest Best Buy Award and a formidable Energy Star Qualification.

Infinity Series Heat Pump

On the other side of the fence is Carrier’s best heat pump. Equipped with the same Greenspeed Intelligence technology in its ACs, the heat pump guarantees effective temperature control leading to efficient heating during winters. It has won Energy Star’s Most Efficient Appliance in 2019. Additionally, it is ultra-quiet and an overall effective heating system for any home.

Performance and Comfort

Quiet, efficient, and power-saving are the key characteristics of Carrier’s Performance and Comfort line. With a focus on improved performance including minimal power consumption for its price range, the unit finds itself a favorite of many households. Additionally, it guarantees only quiet nights with its special design that emits extremely low noise.

Air McCall: Riverside’s Primary Choice for AC Installations

Riverside property owners need not look further for excellent AC services. With Air McCall’s decades of experience servicing AC units across Riverside and its surrounding areas, you’re definitely working with the best AC contractor in the area.

In addition to our exemplary AC services, we understand our clients’ need for financial support. A new AC is quite expensive. We offer financing plans from Wells Fargo, GE, and Synchrony to help households gain the AC unit their home needs.

By allowing us to provide your AC installation, we guarantee your unit to have the longest possible lifespan. In addition, you’ll enjoy consistent AC performance with lower power consumption.

Remember, we provide every client a FREE of charge evaluation and consultation.

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