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Excellent service is all about consistency and genuine willingness to help. Here at Air McCall, excellent and genuine service is our guarantee.

Therefore, we provide all inquirers and clients a free Expert Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Consultation completely FREE. You’ll have our experts look through your AC situation without any cost at all.

The reason we do this is our research unveiled that over 60% of existing contractors fail to install AC units properly, without an educated evaluation. In turn, 90% of these incidents shorten and degrade your AC’s lifespan and performance.

Excellent service is guaranteeing results. That is our motto here at Air McCall.

Air McCall: The Best AC Installation and Distribution Company in St. Nicholas

Why Trust Our Company for Excellent AC Services?

Air McCall services properties across St. Nicholas and its surrounding areas for all their AC needs. From buying a well-powered AC to evaluation and eventual unit installation, we guide them every step of the way.

Our AC technicians have full NATE certification. This gives them full command of all AC installation and repairs for your property. In addition, their training has them prioritize safety, efficiency, and accuracy at all times.

Furthermore, we are a family-owned company. You can expect personalized service because we never treat every AC situation as similar to each other.

The Risk of Poor AC Installation for St. Nicholas Properties

The majority of AC units work as manufacturers advertise. Unfortunately, some homes still suffer huge performance issues, utility bills when they compare it to previous units, and overall shortened unit lifespan.

Poor installation causes these issues. For example, a full-powered AC unit cannot cool a poorly insulated room effectively or as manufacturers advertise. Therefore, our technicians will advise and develop additional solutions to improve your AC’s performance and lifespan.

Another situation is using an over-powered AC unit. Some dealers just want to sell a unit. They are not that concerned with the installation, just that they get paid.

So, you mistakenly purchased an industrial-grade AC. Then, the room reaches its ideal temperature each time. However, you’ll notice its consistently poor performance within the next three months or so.

AC units shut off when they reach the ideal temperature. For fully-powered units, this means frequently shutting down and restarting quickly, because they reach the ideal temperature in just a few minutes. In doing so, they place unnecessary stress on their circuits, which can lead to shortened AC lifespan.

Our technicians will recommend solutions. However, they’re willing to use workarounds upon considering your feelings for their proposed solution. We strive to create compromises with our clients to deliver an excellent and effective AC installation and servicing.

Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer and Five-Time President’s Award Winner

Air McCall’s professional air conditioning installation and servicing teams are fully-insured. They also have NATE certifications and guarantee excellent customer service.

For these values, our company has won Carrier’s President’s Award five times. We are a Carrier-Authorized Factory Dealer and can supply you the following units, and more.

Products That We Distribute and Service

Infinity Series

The standard for residential or corporate air conditioning, the Carrier Infinity Series boasts its proprietary Greenspeed Intelligence technology.

This circuit allows it to maximize AC performance without sacrificing so much power in the process. In turn, it provides homes reduced energy consumption. Furthermore, it has won Consumers Digest’s Best Buy Award.

Its well-known features include two-stage compression for precision cooling and extremely quiet operation.

Infinity Series Heat Pump

Greenspeed Intelligence is a feature Carrier included in their Infinity Series heater line as well. The heat pump is essential for all low-temperature winters.

As with its cooling counterparts, the Infinity Series Heat Pump maximizes its output without sacrificing poor energy consumption. In doing so, it leads to lower consumer utility bills than average heaters available in the market.

Performance and Comfort Series

This Carrier series is a staple among homeowners. These effective air conditioning units are a scaled-down version of the Infinity Series, which excludes the Greenspeed Intelligence feature. However, users continue to enjoy an optimized, low-power consumption yet maximized cooling performance from Performance and Comfort Series AC units.

Trust Air McCall for All Your AC Servicing Needs Now!

Remember, everything begins with the installation process. A poor AC installation will lead to huge problems and shortened AC lifespans in the future. Therefore, only trust professionals with extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to AC installation.

Air McCall is a company with almost 30 years of experience. We only work with certified and exemplary professionals who strive to solve your AC problems and create long-lasting relationships when it comes to AC maintenance and repairs.

By choosing our company, you’ll have an AC unit capable of cooling your intended rooms. Furthermore, we track your AC unit’s performance and durability if you use us for regular AC inspections when you need it.

If you’re looking for the best AC installation services in St. Nicholas, you’ve come to the right place. Call us today at 904-274-5714!