4 Reasons You Are NOT Changing Your Air Filter Too Often

4 Reasons You Are NOT Changing Your Air Filter Too Often

A clogged filter can reduce your system’s airflow, resulting in dirty ducts, high energy bills, and mechanical failures. To prevent these problems, Jacksonville heating and air technicians usually recommend that homeowners change their HVAC filter on a 30-day schedule. However, you may sometimes notice your filter needs to be changed more frequently. There are several reasons that can cause a filter to get dirty prematurely.

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Animal Hair

If you are a pet owner, you understand that certain animals are prone to heavy shedding. The more animal hair and dander that builds up in the air, the more likely these particles will clog your HVAC system. You can greatly reduce the amount of trapped hair and dander in your filter by frequently brushing your pets and vacuuming your floors.

Dirt and Dust

Dust accumulation can also have you running to the store to buy an air filter earlier than you expected. Regular mopping and vacuuming will help keep dust out of the air. If possible, wet dust the surfaces in your home because dry dusting causes more loose particles to float through the air.

Fan Settings

Thermostats have an auto and on setting. When you put the thermostat on auto, your HVAC system only runs until it reaches the temperature you choose. On the other hand, when you select the on setting, the air runs through the filter constantly. You can extend your filter’s lifespan by keeping the thermostat on auto.

MERV Rating

Every air filter has a minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV, rating that ranges from 1 to 20. Some filters with a high MERV rating can trap particles as fine as 0.3 microns while those with a low MERV rating may only catch particles that are as large as 10 microns. Although you may be tempted to use a filter with a high MERV rating, a high-rated filter can be too restrictive for some HVAC systems. A Jacksonville heating and air technician can determine what type of filter is best for your system.

Filter Changes

Now that you know some of the common reasons that can quickly soil a filter, you can lengthen the time between filter replacements for your home in Jacksonville. Heating and air systems can break down under the strain of a clogged filter. However, by preventing premature filter changes, your HVAC system will run properly and reliably.