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How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

Many homeowners never think to have their air conditioner checked out or maintained unless something is going wrong. As long as the system is blowing out cool air and keeping the home comfortable, they keep on living their busy lives. While we understand that remembering every little maintenance thing is a hassle, there are some very important reasons to have a regular air conditioning service performed in Jacksonville, such as:

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  • It is less likely that you’ll have pricey repairs or replacements if you keep your AC well maintained.
  • Your AC will purify the air more effectively if it is routinely serviced.
  • Your AC will operate at peak performance when serviced, which means you could save more on your energy bills. When the AC is working more efficiently, it doesn’t need as much energy to keep your house cool.

With those reasons to service your air conditioner in mind, how often should you do this?

Annual Air Conditioner Service

Most experts agree that an annual servicing of your AC is adequate. This will allow the professional to inspect the unit for issues, clean out the filters and ducts, and make sure that the unit is working to the best of its ability to keep your energy bills lower. It’s also easier to remember and schedule an annual servicing than anything more frequent, which makes it easier for homeowners to check this task off their long to-do list.

When to Service an Air Conditioner

If you plan to have an annual AC service, the best time to do so would be right before the warm weather hits your area. This will get your AC in tip-top shape for the season when you’ll use it the most often and will help prevent big bills when you start turning it on for the year. In Jacksonville, early spring is a great time to schedule an AC maintenance service.

The Cost of Annual Air Conditioning Service

Every company charges something different for AC servicing, but this isn’t usually a huge expense. Having the system maintained and cleaned is a quick job that should help you save money, not something that should cost you an arm and a leg. To schedule your affordable maintenance service today, contact AirMcCall. We offer routine maintenance like duct cleaning at affordable rates. Call us at (904) 288-6110 to learn more.