Heating Installation: A Project Best Left to the Professionals

Heating Installation: A Project Best Left to the Professionals

Even in warm Florida, a heating system is necessary, and many people look to do their own heating installation in Jacksonville rather than calling in a professional HVAC team. If you’re willing to venture on your own, we’ll tell you a little about that process. We’ll also help those who might be a bit less willing to go the DIY route.

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A Step by Step Guide for DIY Heating Installation Near Jacksonville

The most important part of the heating installation is the location of the unit. Always check with local permit guidelines and ensure that your project is up to code. There will need to be an exhaust vent as well as a refrigeration line to the unit.

Many homeowners choose the attic or crawl space for their heating units in order to accommodate the venting needs. Remember to choose a location where the air filter box and ductwork will not be in the way. You will also need outdoor or plumbing line access for the condensate drain.

Once everything is in place and all cuts have been made, it is time to attach the refrigerant lines and connect the plenum duct and supply tubing. All of these steps must be done in the proper order, and it is vital to ensure that all plumbing lines that have been altered during the installation process are in working order at the completion of the project.

Is It Time to Call in the Professionals?

As you can tell from this step by step overview of heating installation, this DIY project is one that is complex and extends to many of the systems in your homes such as plumbing and refrigeration. It for this reason and more that even the most enthusiastic of do-it-yourselfers opt for professional heating installation. Professional HVAC teams are highly skilled and trained in heating installation, from obtaining the necessary permits to ensuring that all systems are in top working order at the conclusion of the project.

Although Florida sees temperatures below freezing on a rather infrequent basis, having a working heating system is a must. During the occasional frosts and dips below the 30-degree mark, proper heating is essential to prevent damage from frozen or cracked pipes, as well as maintaining a healthy environment for your family.

If conducting your own heating installation in Jacksonville is something that you are reluctant to attempt, there are many good reasons to leave this home improvement project to a professional HVAC company.

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