Prevent an HVAC Emergency – 6 Signs You Need a Heat Pump Repair

Prevent an HVAC Emergency – 6 Signs You Need a Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps provide heating and cooling power from a single unit any time of the year. Although heat pumps are efficient and reliable, they should be inspected by a professional at the first sign of a problem. Below is a list of issues that warrant a heat pump repair in Jacksonville.

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Frozen Coils

Ice accumulation on a heat pump is a problem. Usually, a dirty air filter or refrigerant leak is the culprit behind iced-over coils. A technician can determine the source of the problem. If the heat pump’s refrigerant is low, he can seal the leak and refill the unit.

Increased Electric Costs

One of the first indicators of a malfunctioning heat pump is a high electric bill. If your energy bill has sharply risen without an apparent reason, your heat pump may not be operating at its optimum level of efficiency. There are many problems that can reduce a heat pump’s efficiency, such as a damaged coil or grounded wire.

Loud Noises

You should not expect your heat pump to be whisper quiet. However, the unit should never make loud noises. If you hear mechanical sounds like groaning, grinding or rattling, it is time for a heat pump repair. Jacksonville heat pump technicians can correctly identify and fix the problem.

No Heat or Air Conditioning

Every heat pump has a reversing valve that changes the direction that the refrigerant flows to allow the unit to heat or cool your home, according to how you set the thermostat. If your heat pump does not heat or cool your home, the reversing valve may be stuck, which is a common reason for a heat pump repair in Jacksonville.

Short Cycling

If you notice that your heat pump frequently turns on and off, this means the unit is short cycling. Rapid cycling may be caused by a malfunctioning compressor or short-circuiting thermostat. Although the heat pump may cool and heat your home as expected, the longer you forgo the repair, the more likely you will have to prematurely replace the heat pump.

Repairing Your Heat Pump

If you experience any of these problems, you should not put off a heat pump repair. Jacksonville has over 200 sunny days per year, so life without a working heat pump can be unbearable. However, a timely repair will keep your heat pump in top condition for years to come.