How Air Conditioning Repair Professionals Deal With Circuit Breaker Issues

How Air Conditioning Repair Professionals Deal With Circuit Breaker Issues

While air conditioners are generally one of the most reliable appliances in a home, things can and do go wrong with them. One problem that could plague your household is negative interaction between your air conditioner and your circuit breaker. In some cases, leaving your air conditioner on for too long can cause your circuit breaker to shut itself off. Why does this happen, and is this something that can be fixed by an air conditioner repair professional? Keep reading to learn a few causes of this problem and how it can be addressed.

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Not Enough Freon

You can think of freon as fuel for your air conditioner. If your air conditioner does not have enough freon to keep it stable, it will malfunction. A lack of freon can even result in your air conditioner overwhelming your circuit breaker. This is because an air conditioner can’t function as smoothly without enough freon, meaning it has to draw more energy to keep itself working. The only way this can be fixed is to hire a Jacksonville air conditioner repair expert to look at your unit.

Dirty Filters

Sometimes the real problem with an errant air conditioner is less complex. If you’re dealing with an air conditioning unit that’s constantly triggering your breaker, look at the AC’s filter. Many homeowners forget to clean out or replace their air conditioner’s filters as often as recommended. A filter that’s gotten too dirty results in an air conditioner that won’t cool properly. In turn, the unit becomes overwhelmed and overpowers your circuits. If you aren’t sure how to manage your filters, a Jacksonville air conditioner repair professional can help.

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