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Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important to Your Indoor Air Quality

Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important to Your Indoor Air Quality

Having your ductwork cleaned is important to your indoor air quality. Debris and other contaminants are pulled from your ductwork and into your home, which can cause a variety of respiratory issues. If you live in Jacksonville, Florida or the surrounding areas that we service, Air McCall has a professional and effective solution to your dirty ducts.

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There are a lot of different ways to know if your ductwork needs cleaned. The top five signs are:

  • Your home gets dusty faster than normal
  • The airflow is inconsistent or very poor
  • Clogged/filthy air filters
  • Your heating and cooling costs are increasing without rate increases
  • Strange odors you can’t determine, sometimes mold smell

Most people simply don’t realize how necessary duct cleaning is to maintain the clean air flow system in their home. It is kind of an out of sight, out of mind mentality. But, just because you can’t easily see it, doesn’t mean that the dirt and debris isn’t there.

What is the solution for your Jacksonville, Florida Home?

The answer is to get your ductwork professionally cleaned. We will take care of it for you.

Air McCall is the trusted leader in the science of comprehensive duct cleaning. We use the Abatement Technologies patented AIRE-SWEEP® air duct cleaning system. This system includes an extremely powerful vacuum and gas-powered engine that can clean residential and commercial duct systems. Most companies use inferior vacuums that don’t have enough power to effectively clean your ductwork.

The equipment used by Air McCall contains HEPA filtration that will not allow debris and contaminants being pulled out of the duct system to escape into the living space of your home or office.

 Their comprehensive Duct Cleaning process can include the use of a fogging machine to sanitize your duct system with an all-natural biocide that is harmless to you and your family, and your pets as well.

We offer a deeper analysis and more details on our web service page:

Air McCall will also repair your air with a duct sealing technology by Aeroseal, which is a separate service, but equally -–- if not more important. This is because we can repair your ductwork so the dirt and debris and allergins are not allowed in your ductwork. Most of these problems are removed by repairing your ductwork.

Our trained and certified technicians can assess your needs and discuss this with you before you make any sort of decision. They can also repair and maintain your HVAC system, if needed.

Simply call Air McCall at 904-274-5714 to schedule your in-home assessment of duct cleaning, repairing, or maintenance needs. We are happy to serve Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas!